About MIO

Train Like an Alpha, Track Like an Analyst

MIO Alpha is the world’s first continuous heart rate sport watch that’s accurate at performance levels without the need of a chest strap. Before Alpha, continuous heart rate monitoring options fell short in terms of comfort and ease-of-use, requiring a constrictive chest strap. MIO Alpha’s disruptive, first-of-its-kind technology is a total game changer.

MIO Alpha

  • Continuous and EKG-accurate Heart Rate
  • No Chest Strap
  • Syncs to your favorite fitness apps via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology on your iPhone 4s and newer, as well as select Android phones. Apps such as Wahoo, Endomondo, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Strava and Runtastic.

How does it work?

The science that is packed into the MIO Alpha sport watch is quite remarkable; LED lights and an optical cell on the underside of the device sense the change in volume of blood under your skin. This process allows the sport watch to detect heart rate, even at performance levels, providing EKG-accurate results, and therefore the truest measure of each workout’s intensity.

MIO Alpha was designed with simplicity in mind, containing only essential features. It has a two-button navigation system that gives you access to all of the options: continuous heart rate, heart rate zones, activity timer, workout data and clock. When the heart rate zone is set, the LED light, below the watch face, flashes green while you’re in the zone, it will change to red and beep when you go above your zone and then change to blue and beep if you are below your set zone. The Alpha also has a durable, stretchable silicone wristband that fits snugly and comfortably on the user’s wrist.

The MIO Alpha has been extensively tested all over the world in different environments against other well known heart rate monitor brands. The Alpha has won some impressive awards since it’s launch, including: 2013 CES Innovations Award and the 2013 Product of the Year Award at ISPO.

The MIO Alpha is the perfect training tool both for performance level athletes, as well as the regular exerciser serious about improving their physical health.

If you're looking to train with heart and get the most out of your workouts, without the hassle and discomfort of a chest strap, look no further than the innovative MIO Alpha.

MIO's Vision

MIO believes everyone should have access to the best fitness tools to support personal performance goals. Our innovative technology provides accurate heart rate information through simple, unobtrusive, well-designed products for athletes of all levels.

*Mio Alpha ships out of Washington