Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical


Mission First Tactical supports the warfighter. With a staggering array and variation of rifle accessories and components, this is a brand that understands the mantra “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” However, when you’re done tricking out your rifle or carbine with MFT gear, and personalizing it to your taste, suddenly there aren't that many weapons like yours. From the Mission First Tactical sights, stocks, pistol grips, vertical grips, rail systems, extended mags, and more, this brand is all about letting you customize the way you wage war for maximum damage.

The demands of modern warfare requires accessories designed to reduce strain and fatigue for the men and women who wage it. MFT designs are created, tested and approved by top operators under the harshest of conditions. MFT's commitment recognizes the evolution of warfare and law enforcement missions by providing equally evolutionary products to assist warfighters in successfully completing the mission.

Design Features

*Mission First Tactical ships out of Bensalem, Pennsylvania