Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask


On a hot day in 2008, Hydro Flask founder Travis Rosbach got an idea after seeing a whole bunch of awful, sand-encrusted containers of lukewarm water. Could there be an alternative option that keeps your beverages cold while replacing every day plastic water bottles that hurt the environment?

Yep. Travis saw to the creation of the first Hydro Flask, which incorporated principles of vacuum insulation, BPA-free construction, and food grade stainless steel. Since day one, Hydro Flask containers have kept cold things cold and hot things hot, and they've been a GovX bestseller since we brought them on board the site a few years ago.

Available in a variety of sizes, these vacuum-insulated bottles keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. They're meant for everyone from adventurers to uniformed pros—and as we've found out, both of those often overlap. If you're a big time camper, bring along a Hydro Flask for cold water on the trail, or hot food at the campsite. If you're on patrol, keep a bottle in your car for a refreshing drink in between calls. Or leave a bunch of 40-oz bottles in the rig, one for each member of your fire crew. There are all kinds of possibilities with these bottles, and though it’s carried in over 5,000 retail stores, only at GovX can you get your Hydroflask military discount.

*This product ships from Oregon*