Grunt Style

Grunt Style


Designed by veterans for veterans, Grunt Style apparel speaks to the often-misunderstood culture of combat and sacrifice. Choose these shirts for when the uniform comes off and the weekend wear goes on. Choose these shirts for when the mission is over and the legacy is just getting started. Choose these shirts when you want to be a walking symbol of your commitment to honor, duty, and service. With dozens of in-your-face styles that'll probably make a few people do a double-take, Grunt Style designs beat the hell out of bumper stickers any day.

We originally brought Grunt Style clothing on board in 2013, and they immediately flew off the shelves. From the Patriot 3-pack to the popular Fear the Beard and dozens of unique styles in between, members from all branches of the military picked them up and we've been going strong ever since. And the best part is, we're always adding new styles that our friends over at Grunt's Illinois office come up with. 

Made from 100% homegrown American fabric, Grunt Style gear boasts the Made in USA banner as proudly as the uniforms worn by active-duty servicemembers. Shirts are pre-shrunk, so don't worry about losing that perfect fit and feel in the wash. Featuring breathable, comfortable fabric that can take as much of a beating as you can, Grunt Style shirts are also supported by the excellently named Beer Guarantee, a three-year promise that despite rips, tears, cuts, loose threads, mud stains, beer stains, or blood stains, you can return it for a brand new shirt. Now that's a brand we can get behind and we think you can too.

So, what's your story? What do you believe in? We believe in apparel that makes a statement. And when it comes to statements, you can't get any louder than Grunt Style.

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