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You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, or tablet. As the hours go by you subject your eyes to the visual stress and the harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. This constant viewing of digital screens can create digital eye strain which includes eye fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches. Leading to an obvious conclusion - staring at a computer for long hours takes its toll on your eyes.

GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNAR’s premium computer eyewear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of Digital Eye Strain due to exposure to digital screens. Simply put; GUNNAR fights eye fatigue, the harmful effects of blue light, dry eye, headaches, cataracts, retinal damage and lack of sleep.

Key Features
  • Blocks blue light – Patented amber lenses specifically formulated to block HEV blue light.
  • Reduces Dry eye – Wrap around frame designs hold in humidity and block air currents.
  • Improves Contrast – Amber lens tints provide superior contrast, detail and resolution.
  • Reduces Glare – anti-reflective coatings reduce glare and improves visual focus.
  • Sharpens Detail- Enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision.
  • Improves Focus – Focusing power helps your eyes focus more naturally protecting against fatigue.
  • Minimizes Eye Fatigue – Specially formulated tint conditions and shifts the color spectrum to provide superior contrast, detail and resolution.
  • Ergonomic Fit – Lightweight frame and adjustable nose pads for comfort and style.
  • 20/20 Ready – Out of the box solution for 20/20 or 20/20 corrected vision.

*Gunnar Optiks ships out of California

Eye Protection Required

Features and Benefits:

GUNNAR’s I-AMP lens technology is comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry tuned for intermediate viewing distance and finished with custom formulated lens filters, tints and coatings.

GUNNAR is the world leader in Computer Eyewear designed for digital users who value their eyes. From your every day computer users to advanced computer gamers, we make seeing your computer and digital device better. Our exclusive patented design reduces dry eyes, reduces general eye fatigue, reduces headaches and filters HEV blue light that can cause altered hormone levels, and long-term macular degeneration. The result: improved clarity, comfort and performance.

How They Work

GUNNAR lens focusing power removes the stress caused by extended near distance viewing and helps you hold focus on your digital screens to minimize eye muscle fatigue.

GUNNAR lens tints filter the most high frequency blue light at 65% from digital devices and protect eyes from both short-term and long-term stress.

GUNNAR wrap-around patented frame and lens designs hold in humidity and prevent dry eyes and irritation to ease eye strain.

GUNNAR amber lenses add additional contrast to help define and recognize characters and shapes on your screen faster and easier.Faster means less work.

GUNNAR proprietary anti-reflective coatings on front and back of the lenses eliminate visual distractions to the eye.

Key Benefits

Protects Your Eyes

Eyestrain, visual stress and dry eyes can be caused by extended periods of near to intermediate distance computer viewing. GUNNARs ease the strain and stress for your eyes and help them focus more naturally. Less strain on your eyes and an increased ability to focus can help lead to improved productivity.

Improves Your Visual Environment

GUNNAR eyewear protects against environmental barriers that can cause vision problems in a workplace environment. The lens tint, coatings, and curvature combat issues like harsh fluorescent light, glare, and ambient air currents that cause your eyes to dry out, strain, or get tired.

Improves Detail and Focus

GUNNAR’s lens tint, coating, focusing power, and material create an environment for sharper, clearer vision. GUNNAR eyewear helps your eyes focus more naturally helping protect against fatigue and enhancing detail.

Reduces Eye Fatigue

The overabundance of bright artificial light from a digital screen and office lighting can create a strain on your eyes. GUNNAR eyewear helps limit the stress on your eyes so you can spend more time in front of your screen without getting eye fatigue. If your eyes stay fresh then you can focus longer, work more efficiently, and feel more comfortable.

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