About TUFF1

*Ships from Dayton, Ohio*

As the old saying goes... TUFF1™ was developed out of necessity.

The question that we asked ourselves at the range was...“there has got to be something better”. Shooting enthusiasts need a gun grip cover that doesn’t slip, change the feel of our guns at the range or in the field or break when you install it.

The manufacturers spend a lot of time and money to develop the best geometry for their firearms. Why ruin it with a hard, bulky, poorly-fitting gun grip cover that is usually specific to a single gun? We wanted a slip-proof, low-profile cover that was durable, customized and didn’t change the original feel of the grips we have gotten used to over the years. And.. we wanted it to fit as many guns as possible!

TUFF1™ was born and you don’t create a product with that name that isn’t capable of taking it. We also decided to manufacture the product entirely in the USA - without compromise. We are very proud of that our gun grips provide the shooter with, not only, a more stable grip in any environment but also maintains the unique manufacturer geometry of each firearm on either front or rear grips.

TUFF1™ was created to address the flaws in performance of the current selection of gun grips on the market while offering a way to customize your firearm. We strove to create a product that addressed the concerns of shooting enthusiasts in polymer-handled firearms and back our claims with a Lifetime Warranty.

Made completely in the USA.

Durability, Performance and Function

TUFF1™ utilizes a proprietary elastomer formula to produce an extremely flexible and durable grip cover that fits universally on nearly every polymer-handled firearm available. Our grip covers provide reduced slip and improved handling without changing the manufacturer's design and shooting feel.

TUFF1™ grip covers address the durability issues of aftermarket grip accessories, and greatly improve handling performance and feel that gun enthusiasts, military and law-enforcement agencies expect in the field or on the street.