About WaterFi

What would make your favorite watersport even better? The chance to listen to your favorite tracks, syncing up your strokes and moves with the beat, and never having to worry about damaging your device.

Waterfi is the maker of a unique waterproof solution for the iPod shuffle. It’s all the convenience and portability of your favorite mp3 player, but coated in dual layer technology that repels all moisture.  Train in the pool, catch some morning waves, head out wakeboarding on the lake … all accompanied by the music that fuels your lifestyle. At GovX, you can get your Waterfi military discounts on these amazing devices.

Waterfi's new Dual Layer waterproofing technology uses a patent pending, two-step process to make electronics waterproof and corrosionproof. The finished product is waterproof down to 100 feet underwater and insulated up to 40,000 volts. The Dual Layer seal is durable and long lasting so you can live active with electronics that love the water.

Since 2010, Waterfi has worked from its homebase in San Diego with the mission to create amazing waterproof electronics, for the kind of sport performance that makes exercising more enjoyable. Waterfi’s founder Royce Nicholas first experimented with a unique waterproof coating for the iPod shuffle, and pretty soon he’d perfected the Dual Layer, patent-pending waterproofing technology.

With the latest iPod line, WaterFi has gone back and created an even more robust water and corrosion-resistant process, and these are the gadgets currently available to our GovX members. One of the fastest-selling items on GovX, our members are quickly embracing the way that Waterfi transforms the traditional exercise model.

*Ships from San Diego, California*

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