Traditional hydration packs are difficult to clean and require you to suck the water out - dramatically limiting your water use and water access. The GEIGERRIG system sprays and therefore enables you to clean out a wound, hydrate your dog, share with a friend, spray off your gear, and easily conduct proper field hygiene. The spray action of the GEIGERRIG also enables on-the-go, plug-n-play, in-line water filtration using either the GEIGERRIG in-line crypto filter or the GEIGERRIG in-line virus filter. Now you can refill your hydration system using water found along the way – dramatically increasing your range. Additionally, the GEIGERRIG hydration system is reversible for easily field maintenance or for cleaning in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

***Product ships from Utah***

It Sprays!

As to the issue of sucking... GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs spray and they do it very, very well. Accordingly, all you need to do is lightly pinch the hydration pack bite valve with your fingers or lightly touch the hydration pack bite valve with your teeth, and the GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration pack will fill your mouth with refreshing water.