We’d like to introduce you to the workout of the gods. We’d like to introduce you to TITIN, a weighted apparel hyper-gravity workout like you’ve never had before. The TITIN Force Weighted Compression Shirt System is loaded up with eight pounds of form-fitting gel weights. Now, that might not sound like much, but when you feel each of the 14 weights armoring your muscles like steel plates, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Lose weight, gain muscle, and experience a marked improvement in vertical leap, total endurance, and even running speed.

Scientifically designed with human kinetics in mind, the added weight rests on your torso without inhibiting any movement or placing any undue stress on your back or joints. As a bonus, the gel weights can be heated or cooled to deliver targeted temperature therapy for a post-workout recovery period.

We need to talk about those other weighted vests ...

… yeah, don’t use those. If you’ve ever strapped one of those monstrosities on, you’ll know that bulky, shifty weight places undue stress on your torso, screws up your posture, and just makes you have a bad day. We don’t want that for you. With TITIN tech, the positioning of the system’s eight pounds feels more like 20, putting the resistance on your extremities and torso, instead of all on your joints. This forces you to pull your shoulders back and stand upright, opening your diaphragm and allowing for better breathing and agility. It feels like an enhancement of your own body’s natural torsional movement, a more effective workout experience than the unnecessary “second cadence” standard weight vests cause.

Our friends at TITIN were quick to join GovX's military discount mission, expressing nothing but the highest enthusiasm for the best gear at the best prices for the uniformed services. If you’re looking to train harder to perform better at your job, or you’re a weekend warrior who likes to jack up your heart rate, the TITIN shirt system will forever change the way you approach your workout regimen. Go on, try it on, and see the difference.

*Ships from Georgia.