About Benchmade

This is Benchmade. This is homegrown, American steel. Predatory tools and vigilant defenders. These are blades you can count on.

Originally christened as Bali-Song (a term you may have heard of), this renowned knife manufacturer got started in 1979 in California. After changing its name to Benchmade, the company moved up to Oregon and has been making top-notch American products ever since. (Also, because the knife laws are a bit more relaxed in that state. Well done, Benchmade. That’s a smart move.)

The classic Benchmade knife is without a doubt the reliable Griptilian, an automatic opener that boasts the patented AXIS locking mechanism, CPM-M4 premium steel blade with highly resistant properties, and an ambidextrous thumb-stud opener. All built right here at home in America, with Benchmade’s special recipe for heat treating their steel, and backed up by their LifeSharp service, which promises to re-sharpen any blade supported by their Lifetime Warranty. If you can think of a product more suited to the GovX lifestyle, we’re all ears.

With a variety of styles available for whatever the mission is, your Benchmade military discount gets you access to number of options. Testimonials from proud owners tell stories of combat, rescues, deployments, and enduring harsh environments. Benchmades have journeyed into the America’s outdoors, as well as the most hostile regions in the War on Terror. Clipped to a pilot’s flight suit, secured in a hiker’s belt, or even just resting in a car’s glove compartment in case of emergencies, these knives can tell all kinds of stories. What story will your Benchmade tell?

***Products ship from Oregon***

***All Benchmade orders may take up to 4 weeks to process.***

LifeSharp Service

Benchmade will gladly re-sharpen your Benchmade knife to a factory razor sharp edge (service does not apply to any serrated portion of the blade). Benchmade will also inspect the knife for any warranted repairs and "tune" the knife for optimum performance.


Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants to the original owner that the knife will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Benchmade will without charge, repair or replace at our (Benchmade's) option, any knife returned for Warranty work and found to be defective by Benchmade.

*Benchmade ships out of Oregon City, Oregon

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