Edge Tactical Eyewear

Edge Tactical Eyewear

GovX and Ballistic Eyewear

Do you work in dangerous environments? For hours spent in combat zones, or patrol hours spent on tough streets, ballistic, ANSI-certified eyewear is a must-have. Edge Tactical believes in protecting the eyes of the men and women who go to work every day to keep us safe. And as you might expect, all these glasses meet your standard uniform requirements.

These frames have a wraparound style that won’t fall off your face when you’re working at high speeds, and each frame has vapor-venting technology that keeps the heat off. And with GovX’s unbeatable Edge Tactical military discount price, these frames are perfect for the high-intensity GovX member engaged in high-intensity work.

About Edge Tactical Eyewear

Committed to eye safety, Edge Tactical frames undergo rigorous compliance testing and align with the highest national standards. Tough tests create tough glasses. When it comes to something as valuable as your own eyesight, we wouldn’t manufacture anything less than the best.


Edge Tactical is committed to the following:

  • Creating designer quality, safety-rated eyewear that merges cutting-edge fashion with comfort
  • Pioneering and incorporating emerging technologies and classic features into our glasses and goggles
  • Providing all business partners with a "premium experience"
  • Offering valuable training opportunities for safety professionals in regard to ANSI specifications
  • Educating eyewear users about safety standards, proper fit & frame selection, lens technologies, ultraviolet radiation, and general optical health and safety practices

Vapor Shield

Most situations can be handled with a standard anti-fog – but for extreme environments, Edge Eyewear developed a revolutionary, military grade anti-fog coating called “Vapor Shield.” It is absolutely impervious to fog.

*Edge Tactical ships out of Utah