A good standup paddle is arguably the most important piece of equipment in a SUP paddling program. SUP ATX has a variety of affordable high quality aluminum and carbon fiber SUP paddles to suit every situation and paddler, from elite racer to a first time paddler on a budget. Aluminum standup paddles offer extreme durability and versatility in an affordable package, making these the perfect SUP paddles for rocky lakes and rivers and rental use. Carbon fiber standup paddles are strong and light, allowing for the excellent performance and energy conservation, increasing your endurance and stamina on the water. SUP ATX offers fixed length and adjustable paddles in multiple constructions, sizes and flex patterns. Choose the one that is best for you and know that you are getting the best quality standup paddle at the best price from the #1 SUP company in the world, SUP ATX!! How do we do it? SUP ATX is the worlds #1 SUP paddle maker and retailer, allowing us to retail paddles made in the same factories as higher end brand-name manufacturers at half the price. All standup paddles feature the SUP ATX quality guarantee.

***Product ships from Southern California***

Which SUP ATX is best for you?

It is important to know, all SUP ATX Paddle Board models are designed to work fine for ALL Stand Up Paddlers; whether you're male or female, small or large, tall or short, young or old, a beginner or highly skilled, and whether you plan on paddling flat water or surfing waves or wakes.