Reactor Watch

Reactor Watch

The Reactor Philosophy

In 2003 Reactor set out on a mission to design a line of sport watches that would exceed the demands of the action sports athlete, while creating a style uniquely different from the norm. In short, Reactor wanted to push well beyond what the watch industry had to offer and create a product that would truly set a new standard. Bold components, uncompromising quality and unconventional styling have combined to create REACTOR.

REACTOR watches are designed to meet, or exceed, demanding Swiss standards. Cases are forged from solid stainless steel or titanium. Multiple o-ring seals and water-tight screw-down crowns are used throughout. To ensure that a REACTOR will survive the decidedly non-sedentary lifestyle of our target customer, we developed new standards. Swiss sapphire crystals gave way to the more impact-resistant K1 hardened high-ceramic glass. The delicate precision of a Swiss movement gave way to the robust accuracy of Japanese quartz. An entirely new case-to-band fastening system was devised to keep these watches firmly in place during the worst unplanned events. REACTOR truly represents the best of what the world of watches has to offer.

As Reactor continues on this journey, they know that a brand cannot flourish in today's marketplace without the loyalty of its customers. Reactor's total dedication and commitment to service begins with the unprecedented level of support we offer our select group of retail accounts, and radiates down by exceeding the expectations of our end consumers. In short, Reactor will do whatever it takes to make all their customers "raving fans."

The Reactor DNA

Reactor's claim to be the Best Built Performance Sport Watch isn't just marketing hype. Reactor was conceived from day one to design out any weakness and improve any feature possible. The result of this "genetic engineering" is the Reactor DNA, a set of features that is shared by every Reactor Watch. This DNA forms the core of a product that will outlast and outperform every other watch you have ever owned.

***Product ships from Southern California***

"I bought a Trident ND watch 3 years ago in San Diego, I wanted a watch that could take a beating in all situations. I have a dress Rolex but was always concerned that it would be damaged, as the last full overhaul was $950.00. The Trident is absolutely astounding, I am so happy with it I'm going to buy my wife a Reactor."

John B.

"I have a reputation for destroying watches through heavy weight training, yard work and hunting. I normally go through one watch a year, with the Reactor Photon watch I purchased over 3 years ago I never have to worry. It is a true road warrior and is built to last a lifetime. The next watch I will buy will be a Reactor, not because I need it, but because I love these watches."

Tim W.