Your smartphone is your baby. Your little addiction. Your portal to the outside world, or your escape from it. Considering how important it is to you, you realize how crucial defending it should be. So choose LifeProof, the maker of arguably the most incredible smartphone case on the planet. The LifeProof encases your phone in a waterproof, shockproof, dustproof suit of armor that is meant to withstand the toughest jobs, environments, and activities. 

This case is designed for people in military environments, patrols on law enforcement duty, riding around in ambulances and fire trucks … but it's also meant for the adventures away from all that. Rely on it for water and snow sports. Rely on it for camping trips and rock climbing journeys. Put your LifeProof military discount available right here to work and find the best suit of armor for not just your phone, but your lifestyle as well. 




The Claim

You can literally take your iPhone anywhere. You have the freedom to carry your device in the rain, while swimming or surfing, or through mud, sand, dust, snow or ice.

The Investigation

All the buzz at a recent trade show GovX attended was about LifeProof. GovX members spend their lives in unique situations and in varying terrain and weather conditions, so we knew this brand was going to be a big hit.

To test it out, we tossed our phone into the hotel pool! People gasped and looked at us like we were crazy, and we just smiled and took our time to retrieve the completely unharmed phone from the pool.

As people watched, we used the phone to make a call. We took underwater photos of our friends and showed videos to people completely submerged. A friend of ours spilled his drink over the phone and dropped it from the table onto a concrete deck. We buried it in the sand and left it in a cup of ice for over an hour. It emerged completely untouched and we used apps, made calls, texted, emailed, listened to music and even used said hello to Siri.

LifeProof cases are as astonishing as they are impressive. Choose LifeProof today!

The Verdict

Amazingly the phone was good to go! No problems at all. The case is so slim it appears like any other ordinary cover, which made people at the pool wonder if we had a new iPhone that was waterproof.

It wasn't the phone but the LifeProof case. You would never know this case could handle so much. This product deserves all the hype as there is nothing like it. Get it, have fun with it but most importantly life YOUR life with a device you don't have to worry about.

I am LifeProof

Why Lifeproof?

Lifeproof Tests Every Waterproof Case

To give you confidence to go everywhere with your LifeProof Apple iPhone Cases, Apple iPad Cases we water test each and every case we make. Not only that, after the test an independent agent performs additional testing and even puts randomly selected cases through a second water test. We never ship a case unless it has been successfully tested.

As LifeProof employees we use our cases every day, so we only make cases we trust ourselves!

Protective iPhone and iPad Cases Meet or Exceed These Specifications:

Military Standard 810F-516

MIL STD 810 F is the standard that addresses a broad range of environmental conditions, with MIL STD 810F-516 being the section of the standard that is specific to functional drop. This standard requires that the item can physically and functionally withstand the relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks encountered in handling, transportation, and service environments. This may include an assessment of the overall material system integrity for safety purposes in any one or all of the handling, transportation, and service environments.


IEL 60529 is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust for enclosures. IP-68 is the most rigorous classification in this specification. The first characteristic number describes protection from solid foreign objects. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 6 can withstand exposure to circulating talcum powder for 8 hours with no dust ingress after that period. The second characteristic number describes protection against water. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 8 exceeds all other water protection levels and is specified by the manufacturer. For LifeProof, number 8 signifies LifeProof cases will withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters / 6.6 feet for 30 minutes.