About Gargoyles

In 1979, Dennis Burns, founder of Gargoyles, revolutionized an entire industry with the invention of the Toric lens. Dennis noticed that flat sunglass lenses left the eyes more exposed to the elements and contemporary curved lenses were causing visual distortion and stress on the eyes.  This innovation became the basis of a brand and an industry.

His solution was the Toric Curve Lens.  A shape that allowed light to transmit directly to the eye.  No refraction, no distortion. By the early 80’s, the Toric lens became the technology foundation for the Gargoyles Performance Eyewear collection. Precision-molded and hand-finished, the design provided 210° of wraparound protection.


The Toric Curve Lens offered the ultimate solution. With precise geometry, the Toric Lens allows light to transmit directly to the eye. No refraction, no distortion. Light rays converge precisely on each retina, giving each eye its own center of focus and providing the viewer with clearer, sharper sight.


Today we continue to offer the most advanced, optically correct sunglass lenses available worldwide, with realigned focus for work, sport, outdoor and military applications. The Toric Lens DNA continues to lead in optical quality and drive our collection’s originality, invention and spirit in more instrumental ways than ever before. The G7 Gargoyles True Vision System for example, is a newly introduced “off the charts” compilation of optical technology, packaged in the way our team always desired. Elements of G7 are now available in every product throughout the 2008 collection, guaranteed to enhance daily living or mission oriented pursuits.

UV and Lens Protection

All Gargoyles sun lenses guard your eyes from 100% UVA, UVB and UVC light (Ultra Violet Radiation).

Polarized Protection

All Gargoyles Polarized lenses absorb horizontally polarized light to eliminate glare. Glare is simply a blinding concentration of light reflected off surfaces like asphalt, sand, water, snow or ice. Glare impedes vision hampers concentration and can lead to problems such as headaches and eye fatigue.

Founded on Technology and innovation, Gargoyles delivers the most advanced optics for REAL people in Work, Sport, Military and Outdoor arenas, who transcend their field and become icons. Gargoyles is committed to delivering off the chart results with the G7 True Vision System.

The Gargoyles trademark Green Lens provides the wearer with a unique balance of target and background brightness. Designed for the Field of Play, the Gargoyles Green Lens helps you locate and track objects in motion against a variety of outdoor backgrounds including Earth, sky and water.

Our green field of play lens has a transmission which is tailored to accommodate playing field sports and outdoor activities where tracking objects in motion is critical. The Green Lens controls low-level blue light while the middle range of light is selectively manipulated to provide optimum visual stimulation and distinctive object illumination.

Clarity - Light - Time - Distance

Anything that delays perception can cause a disaster. Most accidents happen with only tenths of a second to react and if you are not wearing the appropriate sun protection it can interfere with and lengthen your reaction time. Appropriate Optical protection can give you that extra tenth of a second advantage to prevent an accident or hazard.

Gargoyles Mission Series Lenses provides crystal clear optical protection that minimizes light penetration and lengthy dilation of the eyes. By providing the wearer with ideal clarity, lens color and light transmission, Gargoyles Eyewear will help your judgment of environmental time-distance relation with your eyes. Ultimately giving you the advantage to avoid danger or collision.

***Product ships from Rhode Island***