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Bulky Boy

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Bulky Boy doesn’t just make clothes for large men. We provide premium, cool, casual and functional clothing for Men Who Live Large

Bulky Boy is a guy thing, no two ways about it. Bulky Boy is an attitude, regardless of your size. It's big, strong, manly, gnarly… it’s a LIFESTYLE: being larger than life and living at the top of your game.

You don’t have to be an ultimate cage-fighting champion, or the hugest freaking lineman in the NFL (although our clothes will fit you, big man, and turn heads, not from fear, but from: "whoa………sweet shirt, dude").

Whether you wear the standard 1 neck roll (size large), or you’ve bulked up to an impressive 3XL or are a powerfully massive 6XL – we’ve got you covered. Bulky Boy designs eye-catching t-shirts in sizes Medium through 6XL and cool looking boardshorts and cargo shorts in sizes 32-56. Don’t forget to check out our hats, workout clothes and accessories too.

We’ve got something for everyone, from your “pain in the ass” little cousin up to your giant “nobody messes with me,” Uncle and every brother in between, we genuinely care that every man has some fine threads that make the ladies want to line-up to become their arm candy.

How do you roll? Be a Bulky Boy and Live Large.

*Bulky Boy ships out of San Diego, CA