Military Appreciation Honoree - SPC Geof Killen

Military Appreciation Honoree - SPC Geof Killen

SPC Geof Killen
U.S. Army, Veteran

I am going to skip the boring everyday routine of being in the Ranger Battalions... One of my memorable experiences while serving in the Army is a day that everyone will remember as well – 9/11/2001. That morning, I took a small nap after PT and woke up later than I wanted to. Coming out of my room, I noticed the room across the hall, which had a big screen TV, was packed with 2nd Platoon guys. I went in to see what everyone was doing just in time to see the second plane hit the tower. I asked, "What movie are you guys watching?" In response I received 15 stares back at me like I had something growing out of my forehead. Thinking they were messing with me, I went downstairs. There, I saw the guy at the CQ desk was watching the same thing, so I asked the same question. Again, same stare back at me. When I got into my shop, I turned the radio on and realized why I was getting those stares... It was a day I will never forget.

After serving in the Army from 1999 to 2003, I am now going back to school full time and work at GovX on a part-time basis doing IT.

To all of my fellow Rangers, past, present, and future...RLTW!

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David H.

5/26/2014 1:57 PM

I was waiting to get discharged from the hospital from carpal tunnel surgery with a MERSA infection. I was sitting there watching TV & all the sudden they break in with the start of it. I was right across from the nurses station & I knew them all as I worked there so I called out for them to come & watch this. I ended up with doctors nurses & just about anyone else on the floor watching then my wife showed up to take me home. We were glued to the TV. I couldn't quit crying. I only get that way when I am MAD & I was MAD. The rest of the day is still a blur & I don't think I want to remember. Thank you for your service. I have a brother in law who was a Ranger & served with MACV-SOG in Nam but that is another story. Dave Huffman BT-3 USN