Military Appreciation Honoree - Bianca Strzalkowski

Military Appreciation Honoree - Bianca Strzalkowski

Bianca Strzalkowski
U.S. Marine Corps, Military Spouse

When I first became a military spouse, I was completely clueless as to what it would encompass. We were married two months shy of 9/11, so our entire marriage has been spent in a cycle of deployments, which forced me to quickly get acclimated with military life because he was gone so often. Fortunately, this community is made up of people who grab the reigns and lead.

I have been privileged to know spouses who have come out of some of the most dire circumstances and create communities for others because of the lessons they learned. I have been able to lean on strangers who simply shared one commonality with me and that is we both wear the title of military spouse. While I will say this is a challenging path of life, I will also add that I am surrounded by a tremendous amount of inspiration that encourages me to want to be the very best version of myself.

Today, I have the opportunity to serve with the inaugural advisory board of the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN). Since our appointment, we have assisted in the fight to preserve military benefits, connected families to resources for the betterment of their lives and empowered our peers with information to assist them in the decisions they face. MFAN is one example of people coming together with diverse strengths and applying them to one mission: supporting military families.

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