Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?


"SHOTS FIRED, OFFICER DOWN!"... That is what came across the police radio in June of 2006 and will eventually change law enforcement response in tactics and weaponry throughout the West Coast. The officer down was Sgt. Henry Prendes, a good friend and partner.

"SCHOOL SHOOTING, MULTIPLE DEAD!"... That is the Breaking News headline that interrupted our local television stations more than 12 times in the last two years. There are too many victim children to list but they will always be remembered.

"SHOOTER ON THE LOOSE, 3 KILLED!"... That is the type of Breaking News headline that interrupted normal broadcast in 2012 and 2013 a total of 11 times - 17 dead and more than 46 injured across the United States.After Henry's death in 2006, I began to look at the ever-present need for patrol officers to have a better cadre of equipment assigned to them while being thrust into harm's way on a daily basis. The trend these days is often to battle it out with the cops and hope for a suicide-by-cop ending or glorious "cop killer" label. Having been involved in multiple gunfights, I can surely tell you that it is not glorious; it's a very difficult thing to do and even more difficult if you are suffering from a wound that is leaving you cold and breathless because you are bleeding to death. More than 2/3 of all preventable police officer deaths are due to hemorrhaging (the officer bleeds to death). This is a sickening statistic that can and HAS been changed with the development of our new Pocket Trauma Packs.

These kits were created in 2009 and to date have been credited with eight officer saves and more than double that in citizen saves. Police officers and citizens in more than half of the nation are carrying these kits on their person, in their vehicles, in their desks, on their camping trips, during their hunting excursions and everything in between. These kits contain the most advanced medical items available yet designed for the average person with absolutely no medical experience. The simplistic design is what makes them a "no-brainer" when venturing out in this day and age.

The core critical items behind these "proven" lifesaving kits are a tourniquet, hemostatic gauze and a pressure dressing.

When suffering from a severe and often life-threatening injury, the average person can rapidly deploy and apply these items in under 20-30 seconds, effectively.

I don't think we as a society have either prepared or expected the current trend on violent crime to be so frequent and so often. Obviously we can't foresee the violence coming or expect law enforcement agencies to successfully profile every suspect that is capable of a random violent act. Let's face it, that is an impossible task and will not be possible in our lifetime. All we can do is be prepared for when that time comes. For all too many of us, that will become a reality whether it be an auto accident or being a victim of a violent act. With these new Trauma Packs, we can better mitigate the end result and survive those encounters. Times have changed and if we don't change with them, we will continue to die in the path. So instead, be prepared!


About Marc C. Barry

Marc C. Barry is a retired veteran police officer and government contractor with more than 25 years of law enforcement experience. Marc holds numerous accredited instructor certifications and has been assigned to a multitude of responsibilities in law enforcement, tactical operations and international police advisory. Marc is currently President and COO of OFFICER SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS located in North San Diego County.

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Shannon V.

12/5/2013 6:47 AM

Hi Marc I wanted to let you know that I attended a San Diego Police Association event a few weeks ago and the Captain shared a story about two San Diego Police officers whose lives were saved because of your

Marc B.

12/5/2013 10:40 AM

That's great to hear, that is why we created these kits. Those officers did an exemplary job and their swift actions do doubt had a factor in saving the life of another Policeman. I hope they are recognized for their actions. When critical incidents happen like that, you really never know how you will react but thankfully they had both the Training and the Equipment to perform the function of saving a brothers life.....

Daniel P.

1/1/2014 1:00 PM

I work for a large midwestern department 1100 +, how and where can I obtain these kits?