Military Appreciation Honoree - Rebekah Sanderlin

Military Appreciation Honoree - Rebekah Sanderlin

Rebekah Sanderlin
U.S. Army, Military Spouse

I had absolutely zero experience with the military before I became an Army wife on March 8, 2003. Then, in my first three weeks as an Army wife, our nation entered into war in Iraq and my brand new husband deployed. Talk about trial by fire! I was left to navigate a new town (we had dated long distance before getting married) and a whole new military culture on my own.

Eleven years, three kids and nine deployments later, I'm now fluent in acronym, more capable than I ever suspected and extremely proud to be a part of this intensely loyal, selfless community. After seeing the struggles military kids face during frequent relocations, and knowing my own children's anxiety about moving, this year a business partner and I launched Home Is Where Books, a series of children's books to help military kids get excited about their new duty station. I am also on the board of the Military Family Advisory Network, with a mission to connect military families with the resources they need to thrive.

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Kenneth M.

5/13/2014 12:50 AM

Good wish we had something like this when I was deployed to Vietnam fot one and a half years. Would have been nice and maybe saved my marriage. Thank you for your support

Rebekah S.

5/13/2014 8:23 AM

Thank you, K! My partner and I truly hope that the books will help kids get excited about (rather than dread) moving to a new duty station. You can find them at