Military Appreciation Honoree - LT Jeremy Hilton

Military Appreciation Honoree - LT Jeremy Hilton

LT Jeremy Hilton
U.S. Navy, Veteran & Military Spouse

After graduating from the Air Force Academy, I cross-commissioned into the U.S. Navy, where I served eight years as a submariner. Looking back on it, it was truly a privilege to serve with so many amazing sailors. My most memorable moment while serving was a swim call and steel beach on Easter Sunday in 1997 off the coast of Kauai. We had been at sea for about a month and came in for a torpedo exercise and were “off” that Sunday. For a bunch of guys who had only “periscope liberty” the past 30 days, it was probably one of the prettiest places in the world.

Six years after that memorable day, I left my career in the Navy to care for our daughter, Kate, who was born with hydrocephalus – a condition that has required multiple surgeries and thousands of hours of therapy. Our family’s choice made me one the country’s rare stay-at-home dads, not just in the military but also in the country as a whole, as my wife continued her service in the Air Force. In 2012, I was honored as Armed Forces Insurance’s 2012 Military Spouse of the Year.

I have invested countless hours advocating for policy impacting our military and veteran population, with a special emphasis on our exceptional family members and those impacted by chronic medical conditions and disabilities. My recent efforts have included testifying before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel, reversing a policy change negatively impacting our military children impacted by autism, championing the "Tricare for Kids" legislation (Sec 735 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act), and helping coordinate a NIH conference on military kids. I am one of the cofounders of the #KeepYourPromise Alliance, which successfully repealed $6 billion in cuts to military retirements this past February and continues to fight for our military and veteran community. I am one of twelve advisors currently serving on the Military Family Advisory Network.

I am proud of my service, both as a Navy veteran and an Air Force spouse.

Jeremy is on the board at the Military Family Advisory Network. We're on a mission to connect military families with the resources they need to thrive. Visit the Military Family Advisory Network:

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