Military Appreciation Honoree - CPT Jeffrey Meador

Military Appreciation Honoree - CPT Jeffrey Meador

CPT Jeffrey Meador
U.S. Army, National Guard

Over the past 27 years, there have been lots of memorable moments, but I’d have to say my Infantry days were where I got most of my leadership, discipline and weapons and map reading skills as a PVT through SSG.

My CH47 Flight Engineer days were great for the six years I flew – I loved it. But we all have to grow up and OCS was calling my name. I’m currently a Medical Ops officer, not as fun as the grunt or flying days, but it can be a rewarding career.

I’ve been stationed all over the United States and deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan, each was very different and a great learning experience for anyone. I love the way all Armed Forces support each other over in country.

I have to say GovX is a great place to get the good stuff you need for any deployment or for just around the states.

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