Gifts for Doomsday Preppers and Rock Star First Responders

Gifts for Doomsday Preppers and Rock Star First Responders

There are two kinds of people you want to have around in an emergency situation: the disaster prepper and the disaster professional. It's rare these two overlap, as one is tends to be more reclusive than the other, but they often require some of the same things to be fully prepared. Just in case you have a few of these on your list this year, here are some suggestions for military deals on disaster prep gear.

The Survivalist

Attach survival tube to your belt or backpack and be prepared for everything. It’s compact, powerful, and has multiple uses. It has matches, a magnesium fire starter, steel striker and a knife sharpener all in a tiny little aluminum tube. Which is all wrapped in nylon paracord. It’s pretty much everything you’ll need in the wilderness. Or at least that’s what they tell me, I avoid the wilderness.

Everyone needs a good first aid kit, and this 104 piece one from Lightning X has everything you could imagine. In a compact container, that can easily fit in the car or this expandable backpack, you could buy one for every single person on your list and be done shopping in minutes. There’s a backpack for everyone and every situation too, just in case you wanted to drop one of them on your wish list.

There’s no reason to forgo comfort when prepping for disaster. 5ive Star Gear is ready to save us all from the elements, and the withdrawal symptoms that occur when turning your woobie into CIF upon separation. The Woobie Survival Blanket doesn’t really need a description, just make sure you explain the magic that comes with it to the recipient.


Survival Tube


104 Piece Emergency First Aid Survival Kit


Expandable Backpack


Woobie Survival Blanket


Food Prep

Most disaster preppers already know they need an emergency food supply. In fact, if they took you in their basement, you may be afraid of what they just served you for dinner. But since a three-day per person supply of food is actually recommended, they probably aren’t as crazy as you think. Wise Company has tons of food options that could be appropriate for those disaster preppers in your life.

This 7 Day Emergency Food Supply is a great deal, which has more than enough food, individually packaged, with a 25 year shelf life.

Or you could gift them an Ultimate 72 hour Kit for Two. It’s pretty romantic to have three days worth of gourmet meals ready for a disaster situation. And it comes with a water filtration system.

Depending on the level of disaster prepper you are buying for, the 5 Day Solar Survival Backpack would be a great gift. It has five days of food and a great collection of survival tools. It all comes in a great backpack that features a waterproof solar panel.

Let’s not forget that all disasters warrant the drinking of wine, beer, or spirits. The extensive line from Hydro Flask has everything covered. Make sure your friends and family are prepared for everything with at least one 25 oz wine bottle, a few tumblers, and maybe even a rocks glass.


Ultimate 72 Hour Kit


5 Day SOLAR Survival Backpack


10oz Rocks Glass


25oz Wine Bottle


The Disaster Professional

This auto survival kit is much more my speed. As a former first responder, I’m still prepared to stop and render assistance on the side of the road, and this kit has all of those things I may need. From gloves to a re-usable glow stick to ice packs and emergency drinking water, it is compact and is easy to put anywhere in the car. Everyone should have one. Your mom, my mom, everyone’s mom.

Part of the auto survival kit is the Auto Rescue Tool, which is a must-have for any first responder or disaster professional. Designed by a New York City Paramedic it has a serrated blade, a seat belt cutter, a window punch and an LED light.

Help your disaster professional get organized with a variety of military deals on bags and storage. For someone who just needs a few things to keep on the go, like Search & Rescue folks, this hip/belt pouch will hold everything they require. Urban paramedics may prefer a bag that fits more essentials such as this one, available in two sizes.


T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool - GovX Exclusive


Auto Survival Kit


Small EMT First Responder Bag


EMT First Responder Quick Access Hip/Belt Pouch


Surely there is something on this list for everyone on your list. Nothing says "I love you" quite like helping your friends and family be prepared for every disaster possible.

Rebecca Alwine is an army wife of 11 years, who has followed her husband around the world, with minimal complaints—and been through a few disasters herself. As a mother of three, a CrossFit fan, and a freelancer writer, she has found adventure wherever she goes. You can follow her online on her website for more of her thoughts.

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