Count Us in for Next Year: GovX Staff Joins the 9/11 Stair Climb

Count Us in for Next Year: GovX Staff Joins the 9/11 Stair Climb

As eight GovX staffmembers—and two awesome dudes from SPY eyewear—climbed over 110 flights of stairs on September 10 in honor of victims of the attacks on 9/11, more of our team members spent the day volunteering on the ground, raffling off gifts, registering climbers, and meeting with cops and firefighters from all over San Diego county. It was a perfect success and a perfect day. Not only was it a privilege to participate in the climb itself, but it truly meant a lot to us to meet so many GovX members and see firsthand what our site means to you.

Running this site often feels like business as usual, but having the chance to actually meet all you guys, especially on a day and event as symbolic as the 15th anniversary of the attacks, reminds us of why we do what we do. You guys are the best that America has to offer. Folks who joined up in causes that are bigger than themselves, and who live lives of service. And with each gift we raffled off, each hand we shook, and each stair we climbed, we all felt good to be part of the GovX team.

Count us in for next year too. Climbing alongside cops and firefighters was a patriotic sort of privilege that we'll always remember. Enjoy some of our shots from this great day:


Two rigs flying the colors on the main lawn.


Every climber approached a steel girder from the tower, rang the bell, said the name of who they were climbing for, and headed up for the first ascent.


Many climbers carried apparatuses adorned with a photo of the victim they were honoring.


That's a lot of stairs. Let's do this.


The GovX climbers with Justin Herzog, one of our friends from the Barrio Logan department.


Our team in mid-climb. On the third ascent, we weren't smiling as wide, and we smelled a lot worse.


Alex climbing in honor of Bruce Reynolds.


We enjoyed meeting this firefighter from Station 36.


Celebratory beer.


Our tent, where we raffled off epic gear and shook a whole lot of hands.

Thanks to our friends at Firefighter Aid and San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb for inviting us to participate and share in the day!

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Justin L.

9/27/2016 7:30 PM

Thank you for your tribute and Support. -Justin SDFD

Sean A.

9/29/2016 6:38 PM

Well done....will it ever be held in LA?

Kevin M.

10/1/2016 1:29 PM

It was great meeting everyone who run this amazing web site. Thank you for your support.