PRODUCT PAYLOAD: Spotlighting Exceptional Gear and Apparel

PRODUCT PAYLOAD: Spotlighting Exceptional Gear and Apparel

Your bi-weekly roundup of new and unique products for your mission or lifestyle.

Death Dealer Tactical - Anti Venom 24 Hour Assault Pack


Four separate compartments to carry your gear. Remove the shoulder straps and you’ve got a backpack that connects directly to your plate carrier. Built at a veteran-owned company, backed up by a lifetime warranty, and available at a price that’ll make you wonder how fast your Add to Cart button-clicking finger is.

And it even comes in black with pink stitching. (Not that the ladies of GovX have anything against camo.)

Arctic Cool - Cooling T-Shirt


Imagine, if you a dare, a high intensity workout that left you cool and comfortable. Now imagine it came in T-shirt form. T Crew Neck T from Arctic Cool has a unique design that reduces the fabric temperature during activity, and wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Can’t say the same about that 100% cotton shirt stuffed at the bottom of your laundry bucket, can you?

Stat Gear - Tactical Pen


Spare me your “pen is mightier” jokes. The folks reading this article are likely the sort of individuals who consider personal safety more important than bad puns. Stat Gear’s Tactical Pen is built out of solid aluminum, but weighs under 2 ounces. It features a carbide window breaker at the tip (which can break more than just windows, if you get my meaning) and accepts only Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink cartridges for smooth writing on every surface.

Casio - G-Shock Mudmaster Watch


The name G-Shock brings to mind ruggedness without much effort. The Mudmaster is shock resistant, water resistant up to 200 meters, and of course, resistant to the muddy pools you wade through during a Spartan Race or something equally badass. It’s meant to get into the wild, cross through rivers, and scale sheer cliffs. Plus, with a two-year battery life, it’ll definitely be up for the epic trip you planned right after coming home from your last epic trip.

The North Face - Nuptse Jacket


Look at this classic jacket. Just look at it.

There’s a reason this quilted, iconic jacket is the staple of adventurers the world over. Its deep baffles are stuffed with 700-fill goose down, providing that special kind of warmth you appreciate only on the top of a mountain where humans typically don’t venture.

QALO - Men's Athletic Silicone Ring


Here's a company that's disrupting the wedding ring industry by offering a functional ring for folks who lead active lifestyles. Precious metals impede activities at the gym, in the ocean, and in other high-intensity hobbies. The QALO ring is made of medical grade silicone and can withstand the abuse that athletic people put them through.

And at a price this low, you don’t have to worry about that whole silly "three months' salary" rule.

Do you own any of this gear? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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