Honoring 226 Years of the United States Coast Guard

Honoring 226 Years of the United States Coast Guard

Rescue swimmers and aircrewmen conduct hoist training evolutions off the coast of Cape Cod. Credit: Petty Officer 3rd Class Ross Ruddell
A survey team from Cutter Bristol Bay pause for a photo during inspection of ice thickness on Lake Erie. Credit: Chief Petty Officer Jason Gould
Two MH-65 Dolphins practice formation flight around Oahu. Credit: Petty Officer 2nd Class Tara Molle
Night flight of a HC-144 Ocean Sentry. Credit: Petty Officer 2nd Class Seth Johnson
The US Coast Guard's 295-foot barque, the Eagle photographed in the Atlantic. Credit: Auxiliarist david Lau
Cadets at the US Coast Guard Academy conduct morning colors as snow falls on campus. credit: Petty Officer 2nd Class Cory J. Mendenhall
M5-65 Dolphin conducting vertical replenishment training aboard the USCG Cutter Active. Credit: Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Tippets
Coast Guard sailors practice shooting the M240 machine aboard Coast Guard Cutter Stratton. Credit: Petty Officer 1st Class Bryan Goff
A boatcrew mans a safety and security zone off the coast of Cape Canaveral during a rocket launch. Credit: Petty Officer 2nd Class Anthony L. Soto
Ice rescue training at Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor. Credit: Petty Officer 3rd Class William Miychell
A C-130J out of Air Station Elizabeth City, NC passes through a bank of clouds. Credit: Dave Silva

This year marks the 226th birthday of the United States Coast Guard. The branch traces its roots back to the Revenue Cutter Service, founded on August 4, 1790 as part of the Department of Treasury. As history progressed, the Coast Guard took on several roles as law enforcers, search and rescuers, and coastal defender, safeguarding America's maritime interests around the world. As the smallest branch of the US military, with only 42,000 active duty personnel, the Coasties have nonetheless contributed to the mission of most American military engagements, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here's a collection of incredible images of the men and women who defend our shores and rescue our countrymen. Semper Paratus!

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Stephen B.

8/4/2016 11:22 AM

Privileged to have served! Happy 226th Birthday. Semper Paratus!

Jorge r. I.

8/4/2016 11:32 AM


Scott S.

8/4/2016 2:41 PM

Semper Paratus brothers and sisters!

Michael H.

8/4/2016 5:02 PM

Best years of my life and my Coast Guard training prepared me for life

Foster G.

8/4/2016 5:45 PM

I served from 1970 to 1974 and I am happy that I was able to do so.

Van W.

8/4/2016 7:51 PM

Also privileged to have served. Made some great lasting friendships, and very proud of my son-in-law, a CPO currently serving. Happy Birthday and Bravo Zulu, USCG! Semper Paratus!!

Doreen D.

8/4/2016 8:51 PM

My husband served on the barque Eagle as well as many other boats and ships for 30yrs. The Coast Guard Academy is practically in our backyard...just on the other side of the river😀. Alot of people don't realize just how important the USCG is and all tge opportunities it affords. Thank You and God Bless!

Dave M.

8/7/2016 1:32 AM

We're a U.S. Coast Guard family, three generations of proud service since 1941 on land, on sea, and in the air. Semper Paratus!

richard t.

8/30/2016 8:17 AM

I served from 1976 to 1980 and proud to have served the US Coast Guard.