Whoever Invites the Most GovX Members Wins $500

Whoever Invites the Most GovX Members Wins $500

It’s really that simple, folks. The one person who invites the most approved GovX members before July 31 (11:59 PM PT) will win $500 to spend in credit here on the site.

Now here’s where I’d normally say that there’s some fine print below where “the catch” is described. But really, the rest of the details make this even cooler.

Want the details?

  • For every person you invite who joins the site, you’ll get $10 in credit.
  • You’ll also STILL get the traditional $15 to spend once that person makes their first purchase. So that’s up to $25 per invitation you send.
  • Each person you invite also gets $15 to spend of their own on their first order. (Are you noticing a trend about how everyone wins here?)
  • There are going to be 10 runner-ups in the contest, all of whom each earn $20 in GovX credit.
  • Contest runs between July 18 and July 31 (11:59 PM PT).

Basically what I’m saying is this is the perfect excuse to invite your entire department or unit. Tell folks in the break room. Tell people in the common areas. Send out an Office All email. Tell your coworkers. Your former coworkers. Tell anyone qualified for membership by sending you invitations using Facebook or email.

Want some numbers?

  • In the first half of 2016 alone, nearly 29,000 friends and coworkers were invited.
  • We gave out $102,000 in credits just since January!
  • Plus, we gave out $42,000 in store credit to the members who invited people.

You know all about the perks of GovX membership, so why doesn’t the rest of your department? If you spread the word far enough, you’ve got a serious chance at $500 to apply to your GovX.com shopping cart.

See? Told you there wasn’t a catch.

Ready to get started?


See the full promotion details.

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