Your Essential Overseas Deployment Checklist

Your Essential Overseas Deployment Checklist

Do you have a deployment coming up? On top of all your standard-issue equipment, we can recommend an entire arsenal of gear to bring along. Make sure you're ready for the trip, prepared for any down time you might have, and most importantly, geared up for getting the job done.


If you're heading out for the long haul, make sure you've got the right bag for the job. Here are two that stood out to us:

Snugpak – Kit Monster Bag

This spacious roller bag has 120L of room and plenty of grab handles for hauling tons of gear.

Oakley – Holbrook Duffel Bag

Ideally built for athletes, this spacious bag with dual-zip compartment offers easy access to travel essentials wherever the mission takes you.

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The right backpack can double as the perfect airplane carry-on as well as an actual in-the-field bag for carrying gear.

Snugpak – Xocet 35 BAckpack

Hydration tube compatible, and with five rows of MOLLE webbing. A tactician's best travel companion.

Fox Tactical – Advanced 3-Day Combat Pack

With its customizable modular layout, you can tweak this combat pack exactly how you like it.

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Device Protection

The last thing you want to deal with on deployment is a busted screen. Take the necessary precautions and defend your phone.

Otterbox – Iphone 7/8 Defender Case

Completely defends your phone with a 3-part impact-resistant outer shell and screen protector.

Rokform – iPhone 7/8 Rugged Case

Ultra-light shockproof case that's been subjected to military drop test standards. Passed with flying colors.

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Heading somewhere bright and sunny? We've got a variety of uniform-compliant frames that'll defend your eyes.

Oakley – Ballistic Det Cord - ANSI Z87.1 Sunglasses

Ballistic-certified lenses with comms-compatible earstems. This is an operator's frame, through and through.

Gatorz – Magnum Blackout Sunglasses

An all-metal, uniform-compliant frame built right here in the USA. Slightly pliable for a custom, perfect fit.

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As one former Ranger told us, "You use a knife for every ten bullets you shoot in the military." Make sure you bring along the right one.

Benchmade – 375 Adamas Fixed Knife

This fixed-blade comes with paracord for customizing your grip, and an injection-molded sheath.

Sog Knives – Escape Folding Knife

An affordable folder with a bunch of hidden talents, including a glass breaker and wire stripper.

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The thing with multitools is, you don't know you'll need one until you actually need one. Plan for the unexpected and choose one of these multi-talented, EDC tools:

Leatherman – M.U.T. Multi-Tool

A multi-tool built with shooters in mind. It even has a bolt-override tool for clearing jams from the ejection port. Cool, right?

Leatherman – Raptor Multi-Tool

A particular favorite among EMS members, the Raptor is a medic's best friend, and includes a MOLLE-compatible sheathe for carrying on your chest rig.

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Durability and protection, without sacrificing tactile mobility. The right pair of gloves is essential for those in combat units.

Oakley – Men's Factory Pilot Gloves

Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports keep air flowing for maximum breathability, plus the textured poll makes it easy to put 'em on and pull 'em off.

Mechanix Wear – Men's M-Pac Gloves

Can't go wrong with Mechanix gloves. The armored thumb and index finger both provide durable gripping power in dry, oily and wet conditions.

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Weapon/Rifle Sling

These slings are designed for maximum operational readiness.

BDS Tactical Gear – Enhanced Dual Sling

Allows for both single point and two-point sling configurations, plus the shoulder strap is nicely padded.

DDT – Hellfighter Single Point Bungee Sling

Single point bungee sling named and dedicated after the ”Harlem Hellfighters”.

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If you're staying in touch with someone back home, it's useful to have a watch with multiple time zones. Plus, it never hurts to get one that's tough as hell.

Casio – G-Shock Military Watch

You knew a G-Shock would be on this list. Oversized, impressively shock resistant, and featuring 29 time zones.

Garmin – Tactix Bravo GPS Watch

An ultimate GPS watch packed with more tactical features than you'll know what to do with. Our personal favorite is the waypoint tracking feature.

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Plate Carrier and Chest Rigs

If you're heading into a combat zone, you'll likely be issued a plate carrier. But some service members prefer to get one that fits better than the standard issue kind. Here are our recommendations.

5.11 Tactical – TacTec Plate Carrier

Our most popular plate carrier accepts medium or large ballistic plates and comes in a variety of colors.

DDT – Patriot Ghost Plate Carrier Vest

An American-made carrier made of 1000D Nylon with plenty of webbing for gear attachments. Comes in four different colors.

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Here's another gear item you'll get issued. But if you want to have a backup pair (or you just don't like how your current boots fit) try one of these uniform-compliant pairs:

Under Armour – Men's Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots

UA ClutchFit tech wraps your ankle with a lightweight “second skin” for powerful support and incredible feel. Light and powerful.

Oakley – Men's Light Assault 2 Boots

An 8" stack boot with a lace lock system for keeping laces in place even during long hours on patrol.

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Didn't your mother always tell you to bring a jacket? Don't let her down.

5.11 Tactical – Men's Chameleon Softshell Jacket

A windbreaker and rain-slicker in one. Includes hree hidden pockets for stowing gear and two zip-out ID panels.

Under Armour – Men's Tactical Duty Jacket

A simple every day throwover jacket that doesn't skimp on the weather resistance. Repels water without sacrificing breathability.

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Combat Shirt

The combat shirt is designed to be worn next to the skin, without a T-shirt, in hot weather. Over time, it'll mold to your torso and be your go-to every day shirt. The sleeves come with hook and loop for nametape and grade insignia, and the shirt is designed to be worn underneath body armor.

Vertx – Men's 37.5 Combat Shirt

A form-fitting and breathable garment that captures and releases moisture vapor to keep you as cool as possible in hot environments.

Tru-Spec – Men's TRU Combat 1/4 Zip Shirt

Made of No Melt, No Drip CORDURA Baselayer fabric, a 60/40 cotton nylon blend that defends against flash fires. You can never be too careful.

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Baselayer and Apparel

Underwear and socks are just as important as the outerwear you bring on deployment. A pair of socks can make or break you on long patrols, so choose the right pair. Same goes with underwear. Here's what we recommend.

Under Armour – Men's Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Made of lightweight UA Tech fabric for a soft, natural feel.

5.11 Tactical – Men's Loose Fit Crew Shirt

Built from ruggedized polyester to provide maximum durability and rip resistance in any environment.

Darn Tough – Mid-Calf Cushion Socks

We cannot recommend Darn Tough enough. Merino Wool is designed to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer. An ideal boot sock.

Under Armour – Tactical ColdGear Infrared Legging

ColdGear Infrared uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb and retain your own body heat.

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Weapon Cleaning Kit

If you're deploying to a combat zone, you'll need the right kits to make sure your weapon is operating in peak condition. Take care of your gun, and your gun will take care of you.

Kleenbore – Rifle Cleaning Kit

Uses steel rods rather than aluminum, which are less durable and more abrasive. The rods offer a much better thread system than the competition.

Rand CLP – CLP, Bore & Bolt, HAWG Combo Pack

This solvent will penetrate the residue on your guns and remove it from the inside out, making carbon and powder removal almost effortless.

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USB Device Charging

Outlets can be a little tricky to locate in some areas. Take matters into your own hands and bring along portable charging gear to stay connected.

Mophie – Powerstation USB-C XXL

19,500mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 14 hours of laptop use.

Fuse Chicken – Armour Charge USB-C Cable

Deployment life can be tough on cables. Don't stress about mangled cables by getting one coated in stainless steel armor like this bad boy.

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Action Cam

So long as you're obeying OPSEC rules, there's nothing wrong with recording some footage from your time on deployment. Bring along an action cam and start capturing some moments.

Gopro – Hero6 Black Camera

With its all-new GP1 chip, the newest GoPro offers next-level video stabilization and twice the performance of its predecessors.

Garmin – Virb 360 Camera

Capture the entire moment in glorious 360-degrees, with four built-in microphones that add immersive audio to your footage.

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Headphones & Audio

Whether you need some headphones for some alone time traveling to and from your destination, or you want to blast some tunes in the barracks, having music along for your deployment can be a huge morale booster.

Jlab Audio – Epic 2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

12 hours of sweet, sweet battery life, and stays in your ears during sweaty workouts and hot days.

Naztech – Noise Canceling Headphones

Some bases actually have rules against noise canceling headphones. But we won't tell if you don't.

Fugoo – Tough Bluetooth Speaker

This impact-resistant, waterproof portable speaker is a bestseller among campers and construction workers. It'll work for you too.

Jlab Audio – Crasher Slim Bluetooth Speaker

Slim and lightweight, it's ideal for filling rooms with audio without adding too much weight to your sea bag.

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Bathroom Stuff

Practice good personal hygiene and for God's sake, bring along a pair of shower shoes.

Battle Brothers – Double Edge Safety Razor

You'd be surprised at how much of a morale booster a close, smooth shave can be. This razor is made from a veteran-owned brand run by guys who know a thing or two about that.

Maxpedition – Tactical Toilery Bag

Bring along all your essential toiletries with this convenient tactical bag, made of tough fabric that'll last you years.

Reef – Men's Fanning Sandals

When it comes to showers, you might want to practice the same kind of habits you practiced in college.

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