The GovX Staff Recognizes Fathers of Service

The GovX Staff Recognizes Fathers of Service

There are several members of our staff who have fathers, grandfathers, husbands, and brothers in our lives who have served our country and communities. Their examples motivate and inspire us to keep up the good work and be the best people we can be. Here's a spotlight on a few of them, in honor of Father's Day.

Do you know a person you'd like to honor this Father's Day? Post a shout-out to them in the comments below!


(Connor's dad)

Service: San Diego police officer

As a cop, a father, and as a person, my dad has always emphasized the importance of leading by good example. He's never told us to 'do as I say, not as I do,' because he's busy setting a good example instead.


(Travis and Allison's grandfather)

Service: US Army Korean War veteran

While we never had the privilege of meeting our grandpa, his service in the Army and deployment in the Korean War holds a clear place in our family history. He served proudly and carried the principles of his service years into his civilian life.


(Rob's dad)

Service: USMC Korean War veteran / Connecticut police officer

My dad taught me a set of values. He taught me resourcefulness, or how to make the best with what you have. He taught me the value of family, as something that you can always count on, and he showed me the benefit of persisting to always do the right thing. And character. Character always matters.


(Kari's dad)

Service: Sergeant - San Diego County Fire-Rescue Lifeguard Division

I have learned so much from my dad throughout the years, but one of the most important things my dad has taught me is that by being a good person and helping those around you, we will ultimately benefit the world. His service experiences, like rescuing citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and helping locals when they get caught in El Nino floods help show that there still are good people out there. My dad is the reason I am who I am. He is the reason I am smart, kind, patient, helpful, strong, athletic and a fighter, all of which makes me believe I have the best dad in the world!

D. Michael Glynn

(Carol's dad)

Service: Retired Colonel, USMC. Pilot of Presidential Helicopter Marine One

My dad served 35 years in the Marine Corps and his career took him from a tour in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, to flying Presidents Reagan and Bush in HMX-1 (Marine One). Every day I give thanks to God for his presence in my life. His love of God, family and country have driven his career and his life. He is the standard by which I measure myself. I love him dearly.


(Germani's husband)

Service: USMC Gunnery Sergeant – Drill Instructor

I think the Marine Corps has made him a better father because he was able to lead by example and take pride in himself and his work. With him being a man and being proud of himself and what he does set the foundation of what kind of father he was to be. The Corps values honor, courage and commitment, and he fulfills those values every day.


(Brent's brother)

Service: US Naval officer – Aviation/Special Warfare

My brother has always had a strong set of values, and I think the Navy strengthened them even further. His Navy service continues to test him, but probably not as much as the new challenges of fatherhood are testing him. (Just kidding, dude, you're doing great.) He's a great dad, and a great brother, and he's a man I've always looked up to.


(Heather's dad)

Service: Brigadier General, USMC

My father taught me a hell of a lot about loyalty and leadership, and I look up to him each and every day for guidance in these areas. Being a military brat wasn't always easy, but he and my mom did a great job keeping us engaged and excited for each and every move. I don't know what I'd do without his service and guidance. Love you, Dad!

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