6 Featured EDC Items for Very Dangerous People

6 Featured EDC Items for Very Dangerous People

Happy Tactical Tuesday, fellas. Enjoy this spotlight on six eyebrow-raising items for folks who live the EDC lifestyle.. If you've been looking to augment your gear, look no further than these incredible items.

SOG – Vulcan Folding Knife

A knife named after the Gatling gun on jet fighters better live up to the pressure. Fortunately it does. The SOG Vulcan is a tough-as-bullets folder, with VG-10 steel, a glass-reinforced nylon handle, and one of the most powerful locking mechanisms on Earth, the Arc-Lock, which is tested to withstand over a thousand pounds of pressure. It's ergonomic, it's lightweight, and I mean damn, check out how badass it looks. And it's got a reversible clip, thankfully, so all you southpaws out there should love this blade too.

5.11 Tactical - Screen Ops Tactical Gloves

Are you tired of removing your gloves so you can use your smartphone or MDT on the job? The 5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Gloves feature fingertips with specially constructed pads that let you operate those capacitive resistance—fancy name for touchscreen—devices. They're intentionally on the slimmer side, so don't expect them to keep your hands nice and toasty on a winter's night, but the snug fit is designed to allow for extra freedom of movement. They don't skimp on protection, though—the flash-and-slash knuckle guard and the Kevlar-reinforced goatskin leather provides plenty of defense. As one reviewer we found online put it, "I can pick up a dime, load rounds in a mag, perform a pat down, and use my iPhone all without taking them off."

SOG – FatCat Folding Knife

A dual-tone TiNi coated blade? Be still, my knife-living heart. But with its gorgeous looks, don't be fooled into thinking this folder doesn't pack all the punch you want as a serious knife enthusiast. First of all, and in accordance with its name, this knife is big. It's the largest folder in is class, with a mighty 4.5-inch blade made of Vg-10 stainless steel. The handle is made of titanium and with a grip made of krayton polymer—I had to look that one up; all you need to know is it's tough as hell—and the Arc-Lock mechanism offers the signature SOG reliability that they're famous for. It may be big, but it's still pretty light! Only 12.8 ounces in total.

The overall length is over 10 inches, so it's definitely not something built for keeping in a pocket, and that's why it comes included with a handy belt pouch. Maybe just seeing the pouch on you would be enough to deter a would-be attacker.

And if not? Well, you know what to do. We won't ask questions.

SOG – BadAxe

Have you ever been camping and needed to borrow someone's axe for chopping wood? Feels pretty emasculating, doesn’t it? Make sure you're never again put in that position and get the Badaxe. I could just stop and let the name of this thing sell you entirely, but I'll continue for those of you who aren't yet convinced that this so-called axe doesn't live up to its namesake.

An axe isn't exactly an item you'd consider placing under the EDC umbrella, but keeping it in your car for weekend trips is technically carrying it, right? It's elegantly designed, with a curved construction that puts a little extra power into your swing, and the blade was forged with cutouts to decrease friction while chopping. The co-molded handle made of thermal rubber gives you a secure grip—there's nothing more embarrassing, or dangerous, than an axe slipping out of your hand.

5.11 Tactical - Select Carry Sling Pack

Low profile. Capable of carrying a full-sized submachine gun or collapsible stock weapon. Doubles as a daddy diaper bag. Wait, what?

Seriously, though. The 5.11 Tactical Select Carry Sling Pack is the perfect choice for shooters who need plenty of room for their gear, without needing a gigantic backpack. Remain inconspicuous with this bag, available in three slick colors choices, and with plenty of space for a knife, spare mags, and it even includes a hydration bladder and water bottle pocket. Need just the pistol? Use the detachable pouch and get going. It's MOLLE, SlickStick, and TacTec compatible, so whatever system you use, it's got you covered.

SOG – Huntspoint – Boning Knife

This one is last on the list because it's not exactly an EDC item. At least not for people who don't spend a significant amount of their time deboning deer. But for those who do, you can't get any better than the SOG Huntspoint line. Included in a collection of affordable, high quality knives for preparing fish and game, this boning knife includes the classic finger groover orange and black co-molded rubberized handle, perfect for keeping a firm grip even in wet conditions. It's got comfortable feel in the hand, and a handle black leather sheath with a snap closure for keeping it at your side during the hunt.

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