For This Wounded Veteran, a Custom Built Home Will Help Him Thrive

For This Wounded Veteran, a Custom Built Home Will Help Him Thrive

We only think about things when they become problems. You don’t actually think about how easy it is to move from your bedroom to the shower every morning, you just do it. Or, from your desk to the kitchen for a snack. You don’t consider these simple motions when living in your home.

But many combat-wounded veterans are forced to. Simple tasks become monumental challenges that impede their ability to live their lives, be parents, or supportive spouses. If you have a limb injury, or you are wheelchair bound, suddenly simply traversing your own home becomes harder. And if you think that simply installing a ramp or widening a few doors will fix the problem, think again. For many combat vets, you need to completely revamp a house to get yourself into a position where you don’t have to worry about the simple task of getting out the front door.

That’s why the goal of Homes for Our Troops is so important, and why GovX is so proud to count this nonprofit’s mission as one of our winners of our Mission Giveback donation program. It’s an organization that provides custom-built mortgage-free homes to combat wounded and disabled veterans, all through donations and fundraising. Our CEO Eric McCue attended a ceremony here in San Diego, where it was announced that Marine Sgt Toran Gaal would be the newest recipient of a home specially designed and built to accommodate his disability from injuries he sustained in Afghanistan.

Marine Sgt. Toran Gaal, middle.

Sgt Gaal has no memory of the day he was injured. In June of 2011, while serving in Afghanistan, an IED detonated beneath him. The bomb took both of his legs and inflicted severe brain injury, and he labored in a coma for two months. Seven months later, he took his first steps on prosthetic legs, and his gain a new insight into life through his recovery.

At home, however, Sgt Gaal continues to be impeded by the limitations of his house. That’s where Homes for Our Troops comes in. The mortgage-free home that will be built will provide a worry-free environment for him and his wife.

GovX CEO Eric McCue (left) presenting our donation to Homes For Our Troops.

According to a post about Sgt Gaal on Homes for Our Troops website, “Toran has interned with several publicly traded companies and has also worked within the House of Representatives with Congressman Duncan D. Hunter. He would like to build on those professional experiences in the future. The summer of 2015 Toran hand cycled across the country to raise money and awareness about fellow injured Veterans. He recently completed his bachelor's degree in business and is coaching basketball at the grade school level.”

Though his commitment to the military is over, Sgt. Gaal continues to be a man of service and patriotism. Having a custom-built home that suits his needs will combine with his own spirit of resoluteness and honor to continue being a proud American and supporter of our nation’s finest. This is why GovX is so pleased to support this mission and every other house that HFOT plans to build for veterans in need. We proudly support this important cause, and we’re happy to count them as our allies in the ongoing mission to support veterans across the country.

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Eric M.

3/4/2016 3:36 PM

Love this organization. They are doing unbelievable work.