What's In Your Bag? Top Tactical Police Gear Selections for 2016

What's In Your Bag? Top Tactical Police Gear Selections for 2016

To Protect and Serve

As an officer of the law, your daily mission is to protect those around you. You often don't know where your day will take you, so you need to be ready for anything.

We get that.

And because of your dedication to service, you deserve the best of the best-- the newest gear, the best brands, and a commitment to quality for the long-haul.

We get that, too.

At GovX, our goal is to provide you with the best functional equipment that will make your day-to-day easier. We've forged partnerships with some of the top police tactical gear brands to do just that.

So go ahead and take a look around-- arm yourself (no pun intended) with some of the best tactical police gear selections for 2016.



Brand Spotlight


Superior design. Unique passive retention. Flexible rubberized paddle… Do we have your attention? Proven in lethal force encounters, the Fobus Concealed Carry Holster is a revolutionary step forward in holster design and technology. Up your holster game in 2016 with this standout brand.

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Chest Rig

First Aid

Personal Defense Knife

Now Gear Up

From personal defense and preparedness to looking fly on the job, with these gear selections on your side, you’ll be ready for anything in 2016. Go ahead and give them a try -- we love getting reviews from our members.

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