The Proud Folks at STANLEY Want You to Turn off the Internet and Go Outside

The Proud Folks at STANLEY Want You to Turn off the Internet and Go Outside

Stanley is a brand designed for adventure, getting outdoors, and remembering that every once in a while you need to live your life away from a computer screen. In fact, what are you doing reading this? Get out there and start adventuring. But before you do, pick up some Stanley gear to join you on your travels. And considering the number people who flooded our inboxes asking for Stanley gear here on GovX, we imagine a few of you probably will. We knew this was a brand that would fit perfectly into the kinds of lives our members lead, so it was just a matter of getting in touch with them and finding an arrangement that worked. Now, we’re as proud to have this 100-year-old brand on board our site as they are of that rich history.

They got started in 1913, when inventor William Stanley Jr. fused vacuum insulation with the strength of steel, making a portable bottle which has remained largely unchanged since its inception over a century ago. The Classic Vacuum Bottle with the iconic green exterior is a staple of campgrounds, work sites, and tailgate parties across America, keeping cold things cold and hot things hot for a full 24 hours.

“We are beyond proud of our heritage,” writes Michelle Fleming, marketing manager over at Stanley. “We’ve been a trusted brand for over a century, hearing innumerable stories from our customers about their fathers and grandfathers carrying their vacuum bottles to work or having them on fishing and hunting trips. No matter what the story is, the person telling it is happy. Stories like those make it easy to come to work every morning.”

When you take a look at Stanley gear, you see exactly that heirloom, my-father’s-father sort of worksmanship quality that Michelle describes. You see tools built for a purpose, like beverage containers that keep coffee or tea piping hot, or lunch boxes and jars that keep meals fresh and delicious even on long journeys. Someone with this brand tucked into their gear has this whole camping business down. Or, as Michelle would put it, folks like that are putting their #Stanleyness on full display.

“Stanley and PMI are honored to be partnering with GovX,” says Dustin Woods, director of sales at Stanley. “We’re grateful to the men and women who serve our communities and country, and we love how GovX is committed to giving back to those who dedicate their lives to protecting and helping others. Giving back is a big part of our company culture as well, and we’re happy to participate in a program that’s aligned with our values too.”

Well, aw shucks, Dustin. You’re making us blush.

All jokes aside, we couldn’t be happier to have Stanley on board. We hope you enjoy the variety of products and the depth of savings available to you right here. Be sure to send us your pics of you and your Stanley gear on the trail, at the campground, or on the jobsite by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter.

And be sure to put that #Stanleyness hashtag to work.

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Greetings. Please identify where these Stanley products are manufactured. Thx, ck