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Mark G. – Air Force

I had not used a TRX or similar system until I purchased this. The system itself is absolutely complete outside of wanting to mount to a ceiling although that bracket can be purchased separately. The construction is incredible. The DVD and posters make the workouts easy to follow. I take it with me when I travel and have consistently been able to use it everywhere I've gone.

Want it? Get it here: TRX - Tactical Gym

Laurae H. – Army

My husband has everything, already has his BOB, but I was thinking this would make a nice little Christmas present, and he could just throw it in his vehicle for emergencies on the road. Since I will be out of country for the holidays, I gave it to him early, and he loves it. He did add a few things like a selfcontained water purification bottle, chem tabs, tweezers, and a road flare. All in all, this is a good starter kit and I would highly recommend it for the price.

Want it? Get it here: Wise Company - 5 Day Survival Backpack

Derek C. – Air Marshals

I have had this light for over 5 years. It is powerful, durable, and reliable. The best part is their customer service. I have had my light repaired twice (due to rugged use) without any questions. All I paid was shipping. The GovX price on this one can't be beat. Just get one.

Want it? Get it here: Nite Ize - Inova T4 Rechargeable Flashlight

Stephen P. – Army

Purchased these shoes to use for my work and all around daily shoe. I stand for extended periods of time at my job. After wearing them standing on concrete for 8 hours with no pain, I was sold. The speed laces are great, the only issue I have is what to do with the extra lace. Right now I am wrapping it around the cinch latch. Other than that, 100% love these and recommend them to everyone!

Want it? Get it here: HAIX - Athletic 11 Low Shoes

Shawn R. – Marines

I've got the short straight edge version of this knife- way easier to find a place for it than the full sized versions I also own. Blade is strong, comes sharp (if you do manage to dull it, it will take a little while to put an edge back on it)... But when it has an edge, I can gut skin and process 3 deer (that's all I take on any given year prior to touching up the blade) without losing the edge. Yeah, the bigger blade looks cool, but if you actually plan on using it, this smaller, thinner blade sure does come in handy.

Want it? Get it here: Ka-Bar - USMC Short Straight Edge Knife

Kenneth T. – Sheriff

I have the Pagan, and must admit it is a sweet blade. It locks up tight, and is smooth operating. I carry it everyday, unless I'm carrying my Quartermaster. The only issue I've had is that the carry clip is bent and doesn't hold very well, but it's an easy fix. I just haven't had time to take the clip off and re bend it. All in all I love this knife. It holds a wicked edge. It's kind of scary how sharp it is, but I see that as a good thing. Buy it if you're looking for the best OTF D/A Auto on the market. Mine has the silver blade.

Want it? Get it here: Benchmade - 3320 Pagan

James K. – Police

Even after wearing them for a 12 shift and a 4 hour block of security, they still feel like you are walking on pillows. They are light weight and didn't require any break in time. I would suggest that if you are on the border of getting a wide size, get it. The width is narrower than most boots in my opinion. The "rubber" pad on side makes ankle carry very comfortable as well.

Want it? Get it here: HAIX - Tactical 20 High Boots

Erik J. – Navy

I started with the hydroflask growler, was impressed enough I bought the 18 oz with flip cap -- concluded I needed more capacity than 18, so I added the 40 oz bottle to me collection. With the stock lid, this holds temp for a long, long time. With the flip cap it still does surprisingly well. I filled my 40oz bottle with coffee without pre-warming the bottle before going deer hunting, added the flip cap - which does not hold heat as well as the standard cap, and 12 hours later still had "warm enough" (although not hot) coffee when I got home.

Want it? Get it here: Hydro Flask - 40oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Shawn H. – Fire

I work electrical construction among the many things I do. Having good, clean, COLD water is often a challenge or a wish. I used to bring a gallon jug with me and carry it everywhere I went. Now, I can still bring the jug for clean water but I don't have to tote it around. And, if I put ice in it at 4:30, I still have ice in the afternoon. I ordered the orange one, so it's hi-viz, and its paint job and construction are jobsite tough. I love this thing, it's worth the value."

Want it? Get it here: Hydro Flask - 40oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Lance L. – Corrections

Great product. Clear optics for the price. Can't beat the vortex warranty. Purchased these because they were not as long and heavy as other binoculars but still performed well.

Want it? Get it here: Vortex Optics - Diamondback 8x32 Binocular

Jack R. – Sheriff

I own two pairs of these jeans. One in ""Denim"" and one in ""Indigo."" I may be ordering a ""Black"" pair shortly. These are, far and away, the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own. That I have EVER owned! They are soft, and stretchy, but still have the look and feel of ""regular"" jeans. I find the fit to be just perfect, and with a variety of colors to choose from, these are your jeans that will go with anything. As long as prAna continues making this jean, I will probably not be buying anything else. Excellent clothing, and here on Gov-X, you get excellent pricing as well.

Want it? Get it here: prAna - Bridger Jean -

Derek H. – ROTC

This is a great belt for carry. Stiff, strong, and durable. Keeps my holster tight and is the perfect width for most every holster. It is as professional looking as it is tactical.

Want it? Get it here: 5.11 Tactical - BKTWV Leather 1 1/2" Belt

Nick D. – Other Protect and Serve

One of my personal favorites from the Benchmade line - 154 cm, g-10 grips, axis lock. Overall a great knife I've used as an EDC for day to day as well as for field dressing a road kill deer for a buddy. Worth the money.

Want it? Get it here: Benchmade - 908 Stryker

Jourdan V. – Army

Best sneaks ever, my knees love me for this. Look bulky but weigh and feel like minimus. Look awesome too. Only thing if you run in them. A lot you will wear out the cloud like sole, but I will continue to buy these every time I feel they have reached their end.

Want it? Get it here: LALO Tactical - Men's ZODIAC RECON Shoe

Marcial V. – Sheriff

I bought these socks for nighttime cycling/running safety and for that aspect, they're great! Super bright, super cozy. Snug fit in the toe box without being too tight, and they really cut down on the sweat/stink factor.

Want it? Get it here: CEP Compression - Men's Progressive + Night Run Socks 2.0

Carl S. – Marines

Purchased for bow hunting. This optic is crystal clear and has more than enough range for my use. It comes with a decent strap and a neoprene case for storage. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it!

Want it? Get it here: Vortex Optics - Solo Monocular- 10x36

Fred M. – Police

This puppy works great took for a test run....it will be with me for the Patriots Playoff game to make my coffee and charge my phone while tailgating.

Want it? Get it here: BioLite – KettlePot

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