Want to Win Free Gear? Tell Us Your Epic Stories

Want to Win Free Gear? Tell Us Your Epic Stories

We started the You Are GovX story series a year ago this month, and every week we’ve been posting stories that YOU send in about your adventures, jobs, and travels. And every month, a different GovX brand sponsors the blog and sends free gear to people who write stories!

  • We’ve heard from Brandon, an Air Force vet-turned-MMA fighter who fueled up some of the most high-tech aircraft ever to fly.
  • We profiled Army vet and experienced climber Chad, an Army vet and amputee who’s determined to conquer Mt. Everest.
  • An older story is about two Marines, Nic and Gabe, who kayaked the entire length of the Mississippi River in support of their fellow warfighters.
  • We got Fireman Rob’s story, a Wisconsin firefighter who runs Iron Man races in full gear!

So what is YOUR story? We’re looking to read tales of adventure, action, travel … even survival. What places have you explored? What feats have you performed? What peaks have you conquered?

Entering is simple. Just give a brief summary of your tale at the button below. If it’s a great story, we’ll email you about getting it finalized for publication! Our editorial team will even put the finishing touches on it so it’s ready for posting.

Once the story is published, we’ll send you free gear from that month’s brand sponsor. Do you want to tell us your story? Just click the button below and sound off.


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