The Future is Frameless: Snow and Ski Goggles for 2016

The Future is Frameless: Snow and Ski Goggles for 2016

Snow goggles have undergone an evolution in just the last few years. From reliable anti-fog lens coating to super pliable, form-fitting constructions, the days of shredding with just basic sunglasses are long gone. And now, the top snow sports brands have embraced the idea of ditching the frame all together. When you go frameless, your field of view of the mountain increases dramatically, the entire goggle is significantly lighter, and yeah, you’re upping your cool factor too. But above all, the best benefit of going with a frameless goggle is your ability to effortlessly swap out lenses on the fly. Some even let you change the lens while you’re still wearing it. Put your GovX member discount to work and get the best price on one of these three outstanding goggle choices:

Electric – EG3 Snow Goggles - $126.95

Electric’s 360-degree Press Seal system keeps out snow and ice, and changing the lens is as easy as peeling off a layer and fitting a new one in place. The EG3 offers the same shape as the massively popular EG2 goggle, but this design blasts you into the future with a frameless, spherical lens that offers maximum peripheral vision of the mountain. The milled-out venting on the top, plus the anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens keeps your vision clear, and the whole injection-molded frame is super flexible and adaptable to faces of all sizes. Plus the EG3 comes with a bonus low-light lens in the package, a major bargain at the price. Also, if you’re the helmet-wearing type, this frame fits with just about every helmet on the market so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Dragon – NFX2 Snow Goggles - $129.95

Futuristic frameless look meets a reliably retro cylindrical lens. Dragon’s NFX2 features the Swiftlock Technology, arguably the easiest lens change system ever made. Just flick the lever on the side to release the catch, slap a new lens in place, and lock it closed with a reassuring, pressured click. This goggle offers a medium fit which is suitable for most face types, and micro-fleece, moisture-wicking lining for dry comfort. The 6 base cylindrical lens gives you excellent visual coverage, and includes anti-fog technology and armored vents for keeping your ride clear.

Spy – Bravo Snow Goggles - $109.95

The Bravo is a slightly smaller edition of the Doom, so if you love that design but prefer a smaller fit, go with this bad boy. The spherical lens and frameless design give you the best peripheral vision in all directions, and this purchase gets you an extra bonus lens too. SPY’s Locksteady technology is fingerprint free, letting you push the button the frame’s side, releasing the lens and hooking in a new one without scuffing anything up. SPY’s ARC lens offers clear sight everywhere, while some lesser spherical lenses might distort the wearer’s vision on the sides. Triple layer face foam and Dr-Force fleece wicks away sweat and keeps you comfy on the slopes.

So, which one are you going to go with? Looking for more? Explore goggles of all types and prices right here, and be sure to leave a review once you’ve had a chance to test them out on the mountain. See you up there, folks.

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