10 Fitness Items for Building the Best You in 2016

10 Fitness Items for Building the Best You in 2016

It may have already started for you. The fitness rush, the swell of the crowd at your gym of choice. Don’t worry, the crowd will die down as people inevitably lose their drive to follow through on their New Year’s resolutions.

But you won’t.

You’re not in it just to win it, you’re in it to crush it. Here’s a variety of gear you can use to build, sculpt, and define the person you want to be in 2016. And fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank doing it. Let’s take a look:

HYLETE Shorts – Men and Women

Vertex Men's Shorts - $52.95
Serenium Women’s Shorts - $42.95

We’ve already raved about the HYLETE in a previous post, and our appreciation for this Carlsbad-born fitness apparel brand continues to grow. Gentlemen, I recommend the Vertex Zip Pocket Shorts (and I really do, I have four pairs of them). They feature incredibly durable fabric with just the right amount of stretch, and expertly placed pockets that make it so any contents you keep in there moves with you instead of against you. My female coworkers recommend the Serenium Flex Knit shorts, with a similar build construction as the Vertex, also with pockets on the sides. For both men and women, you get no chafing or discomfort, just a reliable fit and feel that’ll quickly become your favorite workout garment.

prAna Yoga Pants – Men and Women

Vargas Men’s Pants - $54.95
Audrey Women’s Pants - $64.95

Looking to do a little yoga? Allow us to quickly recommend prAna for all your Namaste-ing that you plan to do in 2016. prAna is synonymous with yoga, offering quick-drying garments with stretchy, super soft fabric that’s ready for even the toughest poses.

Supplements – Ryno Power and WM Nutrition

Pre-Workout Powder - $24.95
Post-Workout Powder - $13.95

Ryno Power set me up with their Gladiator Pre-Workout powder and turned me into a believer. The tingling sensation before my workout motivated me to move my extremities and the boost of energy jolted my intensity up a few notches. Following that, use WM Nutrition’s Post Workout powder (no water required!) to reduce soreness and strengthen your metabolism.

Bas Rutten - O2 Trainer - $39.95

Think back to one of your hardest cardio workouts. Now think about doing the same thing only at a few thousand feet higher where the air is thinner. MMA fighter Bas Rutten’s official O2 trainer is designed to increase inspiratory muscle endurance, giving you enhanced respiration and allowing your lungs access to increased endurance and stamina.

TRX – Tactical Gym - $209.95

A GovX bestseller since the early days, the TRX Tactical Gym provides a full-body workout in a portable package that’s become a favorite of travelers and deployed servicemembers all over the country. Mount up the kit to a hotel room door, a sturdy tree branch, or jungle gym and get to work. This thing will kick your ass.

5.11 Tactical – Recon Performance Top - $29.95

This unique moisture-wicking shirt is made of a specialized blend of polyester and spandex that gives a great form-fit during your workout. The panels at the underarms and neck make it breathe and move to your liking.

6 Pack Fitness – Innovator 300 Bag - $66.95

Half the fitness battle is managing nutrition. The Innovator 300 bag by 6 Pack Fitness comes with two refrigerated gel packs and three snap lid containers. It’s a day pack for the on-the-go life, providing you with a unique approach to meal management.

Mio – FUSE Heart Rate and Activity Band - $129.95

The sleek wristband combines all the features of a heart-rate monitor, sports watch, and activity tracker. Imagine having access to EKG-accurate data without the need for a chest strap. Plus, quantify your workout by counting steps, calories, distance, and goal progress.

Hayabusa – Tokoshu Regenesis Gloves - $104.95

Is 2016 the year you fight? The Hayabusa Tokoshu Regenesis gloves offer perfect hand and wrist alignment, making these an excellent choice for seasoned fighters or beginners. Plus with enhanced ventilation and the patented SweatX thumb feature, these gloves breathe and regulate heat just the right amount to keep you comfortable while you’re taking names.

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