10 Essential Outdoor Gear Items for Any Adventure

10 Essential Outdoor Gear Items for Any Adventure

Looking to get off the grid for a while? Consider embarking on your adventure with these outdoor products. Stay fed, dry, protected, and safe with GovX gear available at the best price online. Plus, endorsements from a surprising number of soldiers in this article!

Biolite – Campstove Bundle - $115.95

Cook up dinner and charge your gadgets at the same time? Believe it. The revolutionary Biolite Campstove is the perfect modern-day camping tool. Use kindling you find laying around on the forest floor (though firewood chips work best) to create a little vortex of flame in this inventive device. We put it to the test last summer!

Customer Review – Adam L. – Army

This is a good camp stove, maybe above average in size for backpacking, but very versatile. It's also a good backup system for power failure, or disaster prep. Overall, a great system, for a good price. Would definitely recommend.

Hydro Flask - 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle - $32.95

This might be the most popular item on GovX. With over 300 reviews and counting, members nationwide have endorsed the Hydro Flask. Designed to keep hot contents hot for around 6 hours, and cold contents cold for nearly an entire day, this bottle will transport soup to the trail, beer to the campsite, and keep coffee hot in the morning when you awake, all bleary-eyed from a night spent under the stars.

Customer Review – Sterling P. – Army

Ice cubes will only melt about halfway after around 8 hours, and water stays perfectly cool and always tastes fresh. My old Nalgene bottles (of which I've had many), would not only warm much more quickly, but also give the water a relatively bad taste. So it is definitely the best overall water bottle I've ever had!

Vertx – Men’s Phantom LT Tactical Pant - $42.95

Sure, they’re designed for law enforcement pros, and built to endure work out in the field. But it stands to reason that these pants will perform admirably out on the toughest terrain.

Customer Review: Jeff C – Police

These are excellent, low-profile cargo pants. The pockets expand and have a nice inner pocket for smaller items. I use these as my everyday pants, and you can get away with wearing them along with a blazer.

Leatherman – OHT - $79.95

Leatherman can make any acronym sound cool. The OHT stands for (you might have guessed it) One Handed Tool, and features a smooth, out-the-front opening action. Use just your thumb to slide out the spring-loaded pliers for instant use. Out in the woods, you never know what kind of situation you’ll get into, so rely several included implements, like a couple of knife options, a heavy-duty saw, and of course, a bottle opener. What’s a camping trip without a few brews at the end of a long day?

Customer Review: Wayne H – Fire

This well-designed product stands above all of its competitors. Every blade and tool has a locking mechanism. Pliers have an extra wide stance. And slides away neatly for storage.

Geigerrig – Tactical Rig 700 Hydration Pack - $119.95

Hydrate or die. The Tactical Rig 700 is one of Geigerrig’s toughest products. With a 2-liter pressurized hydration engine, you spray the water instead of needing to suck it out. And at GovX, we’re all about things that don’t suck.

Customer Review: Micah S – Army

The features and durability of this carrier are awesome. I used it during several weeks of military training and it held up fine. It was squashed in a heavy rucksack (>70lbs), dropped on the ground, drug around, etc and I never had any leaks or holes. The standard Camelbacks always seem to leak on me during these type of training but this carrier was awesome!

Alps Outdoorz – Commander X + Pack - $249.95

Designed for hunters, the Commander X has grown to be a favorite among backcountry woodsman and adventurists. With 4000 cubic inches of storage space, this bad boy is designed to get you off the grid for a while.

Customer Review: Garrett M – Army

This pack is one of the most well-padded and comfortable I've ever used, and has plenty of space and compression straps to fit all of the gear, food, and water, you could possibly need on multi day hunts, hikes, or camping trips.

Alps Mountaineering – Mystique 1.5 Tent - $139.95

The Mystique is the most lightweight model in Alps Mountaineering’s line of tents. But no corners have been cut here. Comes equipped with #8 zippers, factory sealed fly and floor seams, and 2 mesh doors for ventilation and easy entrance/exit. You’ve got enough gear to carry. Why add any more than you don’t need?

Customer Review – Randy C – Army

I just took it to the field where I stayed in it for 5 days and it was great. A shower wasn't an option so my dirty clothes were getting ripe and the ability to aggressively vent the tent during the day was choice. Set up was easy and I didn't even notice the extra weight in my pack. At night, I fit myself and my Eberlestock Skycrane II bag full of all of my gear and had plenty of room to stretch out and roll over throughout the night. I'm 5'9" and 195 lbs. Overall, I won't be looking for a new tent for awhile. If it's just me out there, this is all I need.

Snugpak – Jungle Bag - $64.95

The day is done and you need a place to rest your head. The Jungle Bag, as its name implies, won’t serve you particularly well in frigid weather (try some of the 0-degree options for that, you maniacs) but this sleeping bag will tackle lows in the mid 30s and 40s just fine.

Customer Review – Randy C. – Army

This is my go-to bag for warmer weather. It packs small, it's light, it opens up to be a blanket, I've used it as a liner when the temperature dropped and even has a temporary shelter. Very versatile. I'm glad it's a part of my kit.

GoPro – Hero4 Session - $279.95

This is 2015. By the laws of the internet, if there are no pictures or video of something, it didn’t happen. Fortunately, GoPro’s latest invention gives you the smallest, lightest, and most convenient way to prove that your adventure was as spectacular as you hoped it would be. A rugged waterproof design eliminates the need for a separate housing, but you probably would want to hook yourself up with a chest rig, at least so you can go hands free during your travels.

Customer Review – Drew Y. – Marines

I have had the Gopro Hero 3 Black for some time and "downgrading" to this model was no mistake. Yes there is subtle differences in the quality of the video but the versatility when using it for under my skateboard, snowboarding, etc are amazing. The dual stage auto switching microphones do exactly as advertised never having an issue with wind noise. The new style of one touch on and record is very useful, and it saves so much on the battery life! No more extra bag of batteries for this guy!

Wise Company - Ultimate 72-Hour Kit for 2 Adults - $96.95

I don’t know about you, but I could eat all of this on my own. And probably in less than 72 hours. But, if you’re a responsible camper, you value the point of rationing. That’s where Wise Company comes in. It’s designed as an emergency kit that’ll help you get through three whole days of crisis mode. But this works great as a camping grab-and-go nutrition option.

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