8 Portable Speakers to Blast Music Anywhere

8 Portable Speakers to Blast Music Anywhere

Remember those early days of portable music, with the revolutionary anti-skip CD players? Yeah, we’ve come a long way these days. Now, you can magically beam tunes from your phone directly to one of these unique and useful portable speakers. Fill up any room in your house with the power of millennium engineering.

Fugoo – Tough – $189.95

You take a look at this thing and you just imagine it bouncing down a set of stairs like the Uzi that Jamie Lee Curtis drops in the movie True Lies. Except instead of bullets, it’s spitting out great sound. It’s a Bluetooh speaker with an interchangeable protective case that’s ready to rock the outdoors. It’s rugged, waterproof, and capable of full, room-filling sound. Except chance are, you won’t use it in any rooms. Get outside with this sucker.

Beats by Dr. Dre – Pill 2.0 – $169.95

A 7.5-inch long portable speaker that exudes the reliable and rich sound you’ve come to love from Beats by Dre. It soars up to highs and drops down to booming bass with no distortion. And the way it integrates with other tech is great: Just tap your phone to the pill to create an instant Bluetooth pairing. You can tap two Pills together to get them to play the same song. Or, tap them together twice to make one speaker produce left output and the other right output. Now that’s pretty sweet.

Braven – BRV-X – $149.95

Another speaker designed with the outdoors in mind. But this time you can charge your gadgets with it. You can play up to 12 hours of music across canyons, slopes, deserts, or just keep this beast in the backyard for the BBQ you’re planning this weekend. Shock absorbent, portable, and even comes with a power bank that lets you charge external devices. Like the Pill 2.0, you can pair two of them together for immersive left/right stereo sound.

Outdoor Tech – Turtle Shell 2.0 – $84.95

Looking like some kind of UFO—the Air Force insists it’s a weather balloon—and weighing less than a pound, this little gadget gives you and impressive 16 hours of playtime, and up to 96 decibels of distortion free, clear sound. It’s got two speakers built in, a wireless range of 32 feet, and is totally dust free and water resistant.

Nixon – The Blaster – $112.95

This is a GovX bestseller, fellas. It’s the perfect little house party, ski-lodge party, beach party, or just dance-like-no-one-is-watching party. Weighing in a little over a pound, this lightweight speaker has a rubber construction for tossing around on the go. Makes hands-free voice calls on most smartphones too.

Outdoor Tech – Buckshot Mini – $34.95

Get a load of buckshot. This handheld, rubberized speaker from Outdoor Tech is meant to be thrown around. It even comes with bicycle mount which you can use to lash it securely to your handlebars when you’re on the goa. Provides 10 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Sonos – Play:5 – $379.95

A higher price point. But well worth the extra coin. The Play:5 rocks out in three groups of five. Five digital amplifiers. Five speakers. Two mid-range drivers, two-tweeters, and one booming subwoofer (2+2+1=5, try to follow along here). This wireless music system provides crystal clear, room-filling audio, in an energy-efficient package.

Braven - Mira – $79.95

Hang it up wherever you want and blast music where you want it most. Need some tunes to accompany you in the shower? It’s IPX5 water resistant and ready to rock. Move from room to room wherever the party takes you, and use the Mira App to stream, create unique playlists, and control your speaker. 10 hours of wireless Bluetooth audio.

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