F-Word Shorts for Navy SEALs: Behind Clinch Gear Performance Apparel

F-Word Shorts for Navy SEALs: Behind Clinch Gear Performance Apparel

Considering how their shorts fly off our digital shelves, we’d say they’ve kept their word to make some of the best performance apparel in the world. And they didn’t stop with shorts, offering a huge variety of tops and bottoms for men and women who love to jack up their heart rate. Read about making profanity-laced shorts for Navy SEALs, and their knife-collecting coworker you probably shouldn’t mess with.

What sets you apart? What’s in the Clinch Gear DNA?

We’re way more than just a wrestling or an MMA brand. We’re a performance apparel company. Since 2004, we’ve been the leader in performance board shorts. No other companies were using expansion/flexible fabric at that time. So when we got started, we had surfers in California wearing our shorts because the fit, feel, and ability to move unencumbered benefited them in the waves.

The name of our company describes the act of achieving your goals. To clinch a match, a title, a belt, or championship. That’s what we’re all about. Our goal is to help all athletes achieve their goals by providing them with the best training apparel and gear in the world. It’s a belief we hold firmly, take seriously, and we’re committed to every product we create. Also, we make custom apparel for gyms, schools, SEAL teams and other military units.

After explaining to the manufacturer putting “We are those motherf*****s” on the shorts was correct, and delivered some badass shorts to those SEALs.

What’s the mood like around the office?

It’s like a little family around here. We’ve spent a lot of time hiring the right people, since there’s only a handful of us. This is a brand we’re passionate about, and we put this passion into every product we make. Every day is fun, we definitely don’t consider it “work.”

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened at work?

A SEAL platoon here in San Diego asked for some custom shorts. One of their mottos has a pretty popular curse word they wanted across the back waistband: “We are those motherf*****s.” The manufacturer called us thinking there was some mistake. We explained it was correct and delivered some badass shorts to those SEALs.

Who’s the one person in the office no one should mess with?

Probably our brand manager/developer. He’s an Army vet who is very quiet. He sits at his desk sharpening his knives.

What’s next for Clinch Gear?

We want to be recognized and known for having the best performance and training apparel out there. We want to continue to grow as a sponsor and partner of organizations like Lone Survivor Foundation, Challenged Athletes Foundation, and sponsoring events like the US Police & Fire Games, Firefighter Throwdown, and more. We’re all about supporting the people who support us. We do this through outstanding products that people talk about and love. It’s what we do best.

The Clinch Gear story continues with you. Head over to their shop and find gear that’ll keep you fit for the fight.

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