Member Profile – Jonathan / Army National Guard

Member Profile – Jonathan / Army National Guard

Personnel Record:

Service history: Enlisted 2010 - Army National Guard

Occupational specialty: 56M, Religious Affairs Specialist

Scheduled deployment: 2017

Motto to live by: Pro Deo Et Patria

Reflection on the job:

We’re there to take care of soldiers in the way that medics can’t. As part of the Chaplain’s Corp, we take care of soldiers in the spiritual sense. A lot of times Chaplains go unnoticed. But we don’t do it for the spotlight. We do it because soldiers might need us, even if they won’t admit it.

Last year during our annual training period, everything was moving at a pretty fast pace for the two weeks we were there. It was a lot of hard work. On the final night of the training, the companies had their last night to kick back, relax, and have a cold one. The Chaplain and I had pretty much wrapped up our day, and we were getting ready to hit the rack when his cell phone rang. A company commander told us one of his soldiers needed someone to talk to, quick.

The Chaplain and I needed to depart for home station in just a few hours, but it didn’t matter. When there’s a Joe who need help, he and I are on the scene. Obviously I won’t go into detail about what we discussed with him, but I’ll say that it’s moments like these that make me proud of what I do. I am able to help soldiers through difficult moments through their career and lives, and it’s what motivates me every day.

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Gary M.

9/13/2015 4:54 PM

Thanks for your service. You guys are always there for us when there is a need. God bless and god speed.