5 Essential Fixed-Blade Knives For Every Budget

5 Essential Fixed-Blade Knives For Every Budget

Intimidation. Functionality. Personal defense. A fixed-blade knife sends a clear message no matter what you buy it for. Here are five knives for every budget that get the job done, complete with reviews from GovX members.

Gerber — StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife — Fine Edge — $59.95

Gerber’s US Military tradition dates back to 1968. Their StrongArm carries on their tough-as-hell legacy, with a full tang 420HC blade with black ceramic coating. The diamond texture rubberized handle offers a firm grip and the pommel includes a striking point designed for breaking through windows or hard surfaces for rescue operations.

Customer Review: Mike L. – Army Vet

"This combination of knife and sheath system is a bargain you seldom find. The knife can be worn many ways and the retention system is high tech and real world functional. The knife feels like your favorite tool in your hand, it will be your favorite knife upon opening the box when you get one. This is the deal you've been looking for, this knife is one well thought out, practical and strong unit."

DPX — HEST Original — $89.95

HEST stands for Hostile Environment Survival Tool, and this knife lives up to its namesake. Designed by adventurer, author, and journalist Robert Pelton, this 3.13-inch blade is made of high carbon 1095 hardened, tempered steel, and includes a natural, satisfyingly textured grip. Lovingly designed and intended for all kinds of missions.

Customer Review: Matthew C. – Army Vet

"Right out of the box, this little fella has a laser sharp edge. The knife feels very solid and has a great natural holding grip. The handle cover, with the skull on it, can be removed to carry a skeleton version of the knife, which still feels well balanced. The ceramic coating covers the entire knife blade, minus the 2 mm edge of the blade. The sheath can be adjusted to how you choose to carry. The belt clip can be flipped for a low profile carry sitting horizontally at the small of your back; the sheath can be made to carry the knife upright with the belt clip; it even holds the knife securely to carry in an upside-down configuration. The knife comes boxed up with a washer (to unscrew the handle cover screws in case you don't have a screwdriver handy) and a piece of 550 cord accompanies the knife to offer the option of a neck/lanyard carry. The blade seems to be made well, and well worth the discounted price GovX offers."

Benchmade — 375 Adamas Fixed Knife — $124.95

Designed by custom knife maker Shane Sibert, the 375 Adamas comes with paracord so you can customize the wrap to your personal mission preference, as well as an injection-molded sheath with secondary locking strap and tension screw.

Customer Review: Mario S. – Navy

"Great knife, amazing quality and durability. You won’t be disappointed in anyway. Way cheaper on GovX than anywhere else and I got it in 4 days!"

SOG Knives — Trident 2.0 Fixed Blade Knife — $129.95

Send a resounding message with this big beauty. The Trident 2.0 is a workman's knife that's designed to intimidate and perform. The 6.4-inch blade is forged from AUS-8 stainless steel, set in a beautiful black Micarta handle for an imposing 11-inch knife that rests confidently on your belt in the included leather sheath.

Customer Review: Glenn R. – Air Force

"Excellent, heirloom-quality knife. Great balance and feel in your hand. Black leather sheath hangs low on the belt with low strap across handle. One snap. Easy to get off with one hand and pull the knife. Quality build as expected from SOG. This is the kind of knife to hand down to your son when he’s ready for it. Out of the box, it's sharp as a razor. No disappointment with this knife unless you’re looking for something to conceal to put in your pocket. This knife is meant to be seen."

Benchmade — 175 Adamas Fixed Knife — $76.95

More a dagger than a full-on knife, this 440C, 2.5-inch blade is ideal for law enforcement work and CQC scenarios. With a molded kydex/thermoplastic sheath, you can fit it onto MOLLE webbing or a standard duty belt for a lethal backup blade that could make a difference in a high-risk incident.

Customer Review: Jonathan A. – Marine Vet

"This is a great back up and boot knife. Adjustable clip makes great for horizontal carry in small of back. Sheath holds well but won't rip off a belt loop when drawing quickly....I don't think I need to explain the excellent quality of the blade (it's a Benchmade)."

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John V.

2/19/2016 8:14 PM

The Benchmade you neglected is the one that is better than all the knives shown: the Nimravus with no mall ninja shape and no serrations. A field knife with no drama over sharpening three different edges with two different tools. Great steel, great jump-qualified sheath usable in all current carries, can't think of a single negative to it - and you sell it at the same price I paid eight years ago at discount.

Fred D.

12/5/2016 9:26 AM

Just looked into the Nimravus and I am in love. Thanks for the heads up, John.