Joe's Gear

Joe's Gear

Living five years after the end of the world means you’ve got to have reliable gear. Here’s what Joe carried with him this month. What’s coming up for Joe? Leave your vote and see where you want this Marine’s story to go next.

5.11 Tactical – All Hazards Prime Backpack

The first thing Joe grabbed when the Vinson was barreling toward the coast. He found it in a Riverine squadron’s locker. The Olive Drab color blended into the forest.

Benchmade – 175 Adamas Fixed Knife

Fixed to the MOLLE webbing on the left strap of the backpack in a thermoplastic sheath, Joe needed only to keep his hand close to his chest to withdraw the 2.5-inch blade. The wicked tool kept would-be thieves at bay.

Five Ten – Camp Four Mid Outdoor Shoes

The Pacific Northwest climate produces wet terrain and treacherous rocks. He’d long replaced his standard issue boots with these which he’d scavenged from a sporting goods store.

Rhino Laces – Foliage Green

Unbreakable and dependable. The sporting goods store was kind enough to give him a pair of these too.

Vortex Optics – Viper HD 10x42 Binocular

Just over a pound and half. A lightweight and reliable scouting tool. The lenses had surveyed several miles of coastline and treeline.

Specter Gear – SOP Sling

Secured reliably to the M-14 he’d drawn from the armory, it’d been five years without any fraying edges. Cinched tight for uphill climbs and kept loose for recon.

Barska – Benchmark 40x50 Side Parallax, 30mm Mil-Dot Scope

He’d sighted and downed several mule deer through this scope, even though he relied on more capable men than he for skinning them.

Gerber – Recon M II Flashlight

The state’s power grid had failed long ago. Useful for scouting abandoned houses for supplies.

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Joseph T.

9/1/2015 1:19 PM

Looks like a good start. We know Joe can no longer surf the Internet in search of exactly what he needs but I am concerned about his choice in foot wear. Durability will be key since there is no telling how long his boots will have to last. Pick a pair of boots that look good but fall apart will be a huge issue in the terrain he now operates.

Steven S.

9/24/2015 10:25 AM

I agree with Joseph T. I think that Joe's biggest concern is going to be his primary weapon, but next needs to be his footwear and clothing. The more durable the better. Otherwise, he may find himself away from camp with a malfunction that kills him.

Richard S.

10/6/2015 10:51 AM

As far as weapon choices go, Joe could do worse. One thing to keep in mind is ammo for your weapon. Anything in the "NATO" department should be okay as far as location ammo. Your .223, .308, 9mm, 45 ammo are all good choices and should not be too hard to find on the ship or a near by military facility. Personally, I think Joe should locate secondary weapon such as a good 1911 or consider a Glock. As for the footwear choice Joe made, well I guess we'll just have to see.

Dennis L.

1/1/2016 3:58 PM

Yeah, I would have went with all weather Merril's instead. I have had a pair for almost two years now and I have put them through everything you can think of and they are still flexing their muscles.