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Daniel D. - Navy

Excellent EDC

I ordered this knife and it arrived faster than I expected. The fit and finish was perfect, I had read some reviews for this model that the blade was off center, the one I received was perfectly centered. The carbon fiber handles are super lightweight. The action is really smooth and lockup is rock solid. I highly recommend this knife.

Want it? Get it here: Benchmade - 940-1 Agency

Timothy B. - National Guard

This shirt rules.

Very soft, very comfortable shirt. Minimal shrinkage on first wash. The decals seem to be very durable; I always turn shirts like this inside out when I wash them, it helps protect the decals a bit, and they last longer. I wear it, and wash it, nearly every weekend, and no damage to the decals yet. The message of the shirt has been seen, recognized, and well-responded by many, and I've gotten numerous positive comments on it. I love it!

Want it? Get it here: 7.62 Design - 2nd Amendment Freedom T-Shirt

Heidi B. - Police

All-around great sunglasses.

Bronze/brown lens are some of the best for visual clarity! These sunglasses have them and are very comfortable. I have a smaller face and they fit very well. Ergonomic design keeps them on my face and in place whether I'm driving, biking or training horses. Comfortable rubber nose piece (comes with 2 sizes!) Blue mirrored exterior lens are eye catching!!

Want it? Get it here: Spy - Screw Under Sunglasses

Correy K. - Air Force


I read all the reviews before spending $250 for a pair of boots without getting to try them on first. The pair I received had no manufacturer’s defects. All the seams look to be done properly. I put them on and I was amazed at how comfortable they are. I ordered 9.5, which is what I wear in a cowboy boot, and the size was spot on. Once they get broke in I have no doubt they will become my favorite boots.

Want it? Get it here: LALO Tactical - SHADOW Amphibian Boot

Anthony M. - Marines

Lots of pockets, plenty of room

Along with the standard five pockets you'd expect on a pair of shorts, there are two little pockets that are the perfect size for a wallet (or a credit card and ID) and a small camera. Comfortable through long days and stays clean through a week of summer camp.

Want it? Get it here: 5.11 Tactical - Switchback Short

Mike L. - Army

Buy this knife!

This combination of knife and sheath system is a bargain you seldom find. The knife can be worn many ways and the retention system is high tech and real world functional. The knife feels like your favorite tool in your hand, it will be your favorite knife upon opening the box when you get one. This is the deal you've been looking for, this knife is one well thought out, practical and hell for strong unit.

Want it? Get it here: Gerber - StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife - Fine Edge

Daniel R. - Corrections


These shorts are perfect for the gym! The shorts have wide leg openings and a fitted seat. The design allows for a broad range of movement and flexibility for all types of workouts. The material is soft to the touch and not too thin. The best feature is the waist band. While most waist bands rub and irritate the skin due to the elastic in them. These shorts are true to size and can be worn for hours without any irritation. Way to go Hylete!

Want it? Get it here: HYLETE - Vertex Zip Pocket Short

Bogumila K. - Marines

I highly recommend it, my friends.

Works great, tastes great, convenient, mixes easily, gentle on the stomach, and BEST OF ALL it works!! I'm getting ready for a fitness test, and WM is going to help me totally crush the task. My recovery is better, my energy is up, and my downtime has been shortened. I wanted to add that I have a bunch of bottles and bags of things I've tried in the past and simply did not stick with for one reason or another...but this is the good stuff. Order if you'd like to kick butt like me ;0)

Want it? Get it here: WM Nutrition - 30 Day Crash Diet Package

Henry H. - Army

Great system!

I want to preface this that I really wish this had been available when I was younger. That being said, this system is awesome! I have a back injury a few years back and my core has gone to $hit because of it. I can’t do sit ups unless I am on a yoga ball, etc. To start off, I just wore this shirt at work for 4-5 hrs a day. It makes a huge difference! It is allowing me to come back faster from my injury. The weight is distributed very well and mimics your body’s natural musculature. I will be ordering the 20lb weights soon and the shorts also. This system changes everything!!

Want it? Get it here: TITIN - FORCE Weighted Compression Shirt System

Darren T. - Federal

Keeps You Cool

Wore these during an 85 degree range day. Not terribly hot, but the vents made a huge difference in cooling your legs. It was like wearing shorts, but with the protection of pants. You get the added durability and comfort of Vertx on top of that.

Want it? Get it here: Vertx - Phantom Ops Pants - Powered By Airflow

Justin L. - Air Force

Excellent shades.

I’ve worn Smith products for years, and was very hesitant about switching. These are some of the highest quality frames and lenses I’ve ever worn. I wore plastic or composite frames for a long time, but the ability to adjust nose-piece and arms is key.

Terrific lenses! Make it worth it. The GovX experience, and price, can’t be beaten!

Want it? Get it here: Kaenon - Spindle S1 Polarized Sunglasses

Dante D. - Army

Must have.

If you train hard, play hard, work hard, this is the only watch you'll ever need. Looks huge, but surprisingly light! My Sapphire came with the metal straps...makes for a very professional executive style look at work... then switch to hard-core training mode (rubber strap) in minutes. This is really Garmin at its best!!! Icing on the cake is the Garmin Connect IQ Store where you can download multiple apps 7 watch faces:

Want it? Get it here: Garmin - Fenix 3 Sapphire

Phil H. - FAA

Best case on the market.

Purchased it for my daughter who would inevitably drop the phone at some point. Two minutes after putting the phone in the case it went down the steps and crashed on the hardwood floor below. The next day, don't ask how, in the toilet... Phone never stopped working because the case never failed.

Want it? Get it here: LifeProof - iPhone 5c fre Case

Jonathan L. - National Guard

Great Shorts.

Bought these shorts after reading the staff review to see for myself. I must say that I love these shorts for working out. The way the fabric stretches makes them great for the gym. The style also allows them to be great for just wearing when out and about. The pockets allow my phone and other items to rest without bouncing around like in the pockets on typical sport shorts. All in all I love these shorts and have already ordered some more.

Want it? Get it here: HYLETE - Vertex Zip Pocket Short

Wallen D. - Army

Attach your phone to other metal objects

The magnet not only attaches to the steelie mount, it'll attach to most other metal surfaces. I've attached my phone to the metal racks at the gym so I don't have my phone on the floor where it might get stepped on. I'm sure I'll find more places to attach my phone to that'll make it useful and more hands-free.

Want it? Get it here: Nite Ize - Steelie Vent Mount Kit

Michael M. - Fire

Excellent concealment garment!

Many times I've thought of having a tailor cut the buttons off the left of my shirt, sew them on the right, and put hook & loop behind them? Well great minds think alike, because these "buttons" are disguised snaps that rip right open for a draw. As with all my 5.11 job shirts, the true-to-size means it fits to the task. I.e., the shirt is a little oversized for concealment. The fabric is excellent for hot summer days. Especially since I carry a full-sized pistol plus reloads year-round.

Want it? Get it here: 5.11 Tactical - Covert Shirt - Select

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