One in a million: Meet the first GovX member

One in a million: Meet the first GovX member

In early summer of 2011, we’d only just recently registered the domain The servers hadn’t even heated up yet, and it was a phone call that landed us our first order. Let’s meet Peter, the very first GovX member, the guy who officially (even if he didn’t know it) pointed us toward our current member population of over 1.5 million.

Operational history:

I’ve served in the US Army for 26 years. After serving in the infantry, I became a Judge Advocate. I served one tour in Iraq during the initial invasion, as well as in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2007. Since 2003 I have served with US Army Special Operations, I am currently assigned to US Special Operations Command with duty with Special Operations Command Central.

Discovering GovX:

I purchased a pair of Kaenon sunglasses during a visit to Savannah. They were among the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned and I wanted to see more of their styles. Around that time I was only purchasing from Oakley’s government-issue program, and I emailed Kaenon’s corporate HQ and asked if they had a similar program. Soon after, I got a personal phone call from Marc Van Buskirk, who explained what GovX was all about. I thought it was so professional to get a call from him. He sent me a very detailed email later along with a pricing sheet. I picked out what I wanted from the sheet Marc gave me, and I’ve been buying from GovX ever since. I’ve picked up more sunglasses, Olukai sandals, and a couple of Benchmade knives since joining the site.

I still have those original glasses I bought, plus many other frames from Kaenon. I keep a pair in the glove boxes of three different vehicles, I’ve got a few in different bags I take to the range, and I keep a backup pair on base. The amber lenses are the best for clay shooting. I just love the frame and the lens quality. I haven’t purchased any other brand of sunglasses since discovering Kaenon.

My most recent purchase was the Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot sight, which I bought for my son. He attached it to a Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15. In my time in the service I’ve used some very high-end optics, but this sight is great for someone who can’t afford a thousand-dollar red dot.

I love pistol target shooting every weekend when I’m not on duty. My new passion is sporting clays, and I go with a group of people just about every Sunday morning. It’s a lot more challenging than pistol shooting. We call it golf with shotguns. I’d love to see GovX add brands that offer sporting clays, trap, and skeet accessories like Beretta, Browing, Carlson Choke Tubes, or Briley.

I love how GovX has grown over the years. I’ve been able to purchase more items through the site and I consistently recommend it to other vets looking for different things. I think it’s great that the site helps and honors law enforcement and first responders, not just the military. It’s easy to give loyalty to a company that shows loyalty to us.

A little piece of GovX archaeology: We saved the envelope that contained the check Peter used to pay for the first GovX order in 2011.

Peter’s GovX picks:

Peter, you’ve got the thanks of the entire GovX staff for helping us start our mission. We built GovX for you and everyone else who has ever worn a uniform. Enjoy your new 5.11 Tactical suitcase for all your travel needs.

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