GovX Staff Gears Up with HYLETE Apparel

GovX Staff Gears Up with HYLETE Apparel

HYLETE sent the GovX office a box of goodies a couple weeks ago. When their green box showed up in the mail, it was like Christmas morning for Brent and Bevin. Brent tried out the Vertex Shorts, the Henley Shirt, the Dual-Blend Crew, and Bevin got to try the Invex Crop Pants, Serenium Shorts, and the Tri-Blend Tank. How does this brand hold up in a standard fitness routine? Let’s get to work and find out:

BRENT: 5’ 9” / 162lbs

Vertex Zip Pocket Shorts

The material is fantastic. It’s a 90% Nylon/10% Spandex blend that feels great on the skin and doesn’t get weighed down when you sweat a lot. The fabric is stretchier than most athletic shorts I’ve worn, which I prefer. From a male perspective, it’s nice to have shorts that don’t scrunch up or chafe, especially when you consider you’re not supposed to wear anything under them. They feel like a natural garment, and I like changing into them after all day sitting at a computer in my jeans. The drawstring has a cool feature where you can route them through the grommets depending on if you want to wear the bow on the inside or the outside.

I own a couple extra pairs of these shorts in size Medium; both the “at knee” and “below knee” varieties. The “belows” are great for running and leg days. In fact, both pairs work just fine for any activity, but I just like to have the choice anyways. This new pair HYLETE sent me to try was the Navy/Stealth Navy, which is a fantastic color. I don’t particularly care about what I look like at the gym, but it’s nice to not look like a jackass in either really gross old clothes, or really expensive new ones. The navy is just a reliable, stable, and rich color; neither flashy nor boring.

The pockets are especially useful. I love how I can keep my smartphone in the right pocket and my keys and a credit card and driver’s license in the left. Into the right pocket I also route my headphones and close the zipper just enough to let the headphone jack through. The pocket placement are also perfect, at just the right spot on my thigh, so nothing I keep in there sways or bounces when I’m running.

Icon Quad-Blend Button Henley Shirt

Talk about SOFT. It felt like a lighter version of their hooded sweatshirt I already own. This is a very unique shirt. I’ve actually never worn a Henley style shirt before, so I was surprised at how cool it looked. The look is basically a mix between “It’s Casual Friday at the office, everyone!” and “Let’s go to the brewery for a drink.” It’s a sharp and reliable alternative for when you’re just not feeling like wearing a button-down.

Stacked Dual-Blend Crew Tee

I’m always on the hunt for quality T-shirts. The best are the kinds that work in both the gym and for just casual wearing. This one is great. The sleeves aren’t too long, or too short, and the shirt’s overall shape looks nice on my frame. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you look like “tight T-shirt guy.” I’m 5’9” with an average build and I went with a Medium. Not too tight, not too baggy. Just right.

BEVIN: 5’2” / 115 lbs

You can find me on the Pacific Beach boulevard, typically on a 5-mile run keeping up a pretty steady pace. I’m always on the lookout for new apparel that feels good in stride. HYLETE was kind enough to let me try out some of their gear and I’m now a firm believer in their brand.

Invex Crop Pants

I first tried out the Invex Crop pants (size X-Small) for a morning jog. Their fit is outstanding and I love the way the fabric feels. The material is a lightweight mix of Nylon and Spandex, and it breathed well with all my movements. I liked how comfortably tight they were, and the band around the waist is stretchy enough where I feel like I can do any type of activity without the material cutting into my hips. The pants look quite flattering and they provide great range of motion.

Later, I went to the gym for leg day, and did a few rounds of burpees before finishing my sets of squats and lunges. One bonus that I appreciated is the fact that they’re not see-through, which is one of the first things I look for when shopping for workout pants. (Why do pants like that even exist, I might ask?) Again, the fabric was super breathable and felt great even when I was sweating heavily near the end of my workout. I did find myself wishing the pants had a pocket so I could stash my house key, but considering how great the pants performed during my routine, I’d count that as a minor downside.

Serenium Zip Pocket Shorts

HYLETE also sent over a pair of Serenium Shorts, which I also wore on multiple runs and gym sessions. I love the way these feel—they’ve got incredibly soft fabric with a comfortable fit. The pockets on the side were great for keeping my house key and a couple of cards from my wallet. More of the same quality from the Invex pants, but with a pair of bonus pockets.

Tri-Blend Tank

Lastly, I tried out HYLETE’s Racerback top in size Small. I loved the style, and the fabric is so lightweight it felt like I wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Very soft, and breathable and held up well through tons of cardio on the elliptical, and it didn’t get weighed down by sweat like cheaper shirts I’ve worn before. And the Racerback shape and cut of the shirt worked perfectly during weightlifting. You get a great range of motion in a shirt that looks awesome. HYLETE definitely knows how to make women’s tops.

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Peter G.

7/16/2015 6:51 PM

Hylete gear is great. Best work clothes I have ever owned. Its better than under armor and its a great value through Govx. Thanks for the reviews and all you do.

Louis V.

10/23/2015 10:09 AM

Thanks, nothing on fit though .

Gerald C.

7/31/2015 9:20 AM

Please get the military tri blend shirts in large!

Chris B.

8/14/2015 1:38 PM

I purchased a pair of Hylete shorts a few months back and like them so much now all of my workout apparel is Hylete. Advice - I own pairs of the zip pocket, comp, and apex cargo shorts, I like the vertex zip pocket shorts the best.

Louis V.

10/23/2015 10:10 AM

Anything on sizer fit?

Eric M.

3/21/2016 11:22 AM

Where is it made?

Emmanuel M.

7/5/2016 1:00 PM

Need that zip-up hoodie back! Love the Hylete gear. Should have bought it sooner. Snoozed on that zip-up hoodie. Hopefully they get it back soon.