Enter the Arena with Gladiator Pre-Workout Powder

Enter the Arena with Gladiator Pre-Workout Powder

I’ll get this out of the way first: I’m not an expert at working out. I’ll likely never nail the proper deadlift posture, and the one time I attempted a set of power cleans is something we shall never speak of again.

My routine works for me, even if it’s not something I can turn into a how-to video on YouTube. And I value preparing for the workout, wearing the proper clothes and making sure I don’t hurt myself or overexert anything. So I was excited to dive into the rapidly expanding world of supplements, and try Ryno Power’s new Gladiator Pre-Workout powder.

Ryno sent us a box of 12 sticks of the strawberry lemonade powder. A half hour before my workout, I mixed up the drink in the water bottle they sent me as a bonus (thanks for that, guys) and guzzled it down. It tasted pretty good. Not exactly the kind of pink lemonade flavor you expect at the soda machine, but still pleasantly palatable. There was a minimal amount of chalkiness, and the sweet berry flavor with just a hint of carbonation made it easy to sip and enjoy. You’re never going to win taste awards with powdered supplements, but that’s not exactly the point, is it? The main point is how it augments your performance. So how’d it do?

I experienced a tingling sensation that gave me a hell of a rush, and made me think “Hmm, that feels interesting, let’s see where I can go with this.”

I’ve now used the Gladiator supplement three times a week for two weeks, and I can confidently report a notable difference in my performance. The powder includes an ingredient called Beta Alanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that’s intended to raise carnosine levels in muscle tissue. About 45 minutes after downing the drink, I experienced a tingling sensation in my extremities (most noticeably my calves) that gave me a hell of a rush. Or, that could’ve been the 227 milligrams caffeine (nearly twice as much as a standard cup of coffee). Either way, I felt ready to rock.

The tingling abated about 30 minutes after downing the drink. It’s not really a bothersome sensation, it’s actually sort of a curiosity that makes you go, “Hmm, that feels interesting, let’s see where I can go with this.” When you start to move and get into your routine, your extremities will feel fueled with an energy you maybe didn't realize you had. I typically do a one-mile run to the gym, followed by a 15-minute spell on the elliptical, and I felt more powerful and faster. I followed this up with a simple weight routine; free weights, chest flies, leg presses, and a few other miscellaneous reps that I do during the week to mix it up. I found myself sweating a lot more, and drinking more water, and that sort of perspiration always tends to motivate me to keep up the momentum and heart rate. It felt really good.

I can definitely say the Gladiator Pre-Workout powder is an effective and satisfying augmentation to your gym or fitness routine. It’s a reasonably good-tasting mix that gave me noticeable improvements to endurance and motivation. Of course, no two people are alike, so results may vary for you. But give it a shot. You might just become a believer. In any case, if it gets you off the couch from binge watching Breaking Bad and into a weight room, then you can call that a win. Check out Ryno Power’s entire line of fitness supplements right here at your GovX member price.

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