June’s Best GovX Reviews

June’s Best GovX Reviews

Another month, another round of top-tier reviews. The theme of this month seems to be convenience. From battery-charging gear to unbreakable boot laces, GovX gear that comes in handy is within your reach, all at the prices you deserve. Keep those reviews coming!

The classic Original SWAT boot.

I love these boots. This is my third pair of the Classic Original SWAT boots. I have trouble finding boots because the wides are too wide and regulars are too tight. These are super durable boots I still have my first pair which I wear around home and only retired them from duty because the tread is gone.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Original S.W.A.T. - Classic 9" Men's Boots

Like an old friend…

Benchmades are for me the best EDC knife, and I have four that I can think of right now. One for duty, one for going in places where the 3" blade limit is strictly enforced, one for the weekends when I'm usually outside with plenty of pocket space.

But this Osborne is the one that, if I could have only one, I would keep. Casual wear? check. EDC? Check. Suits? Check: it's light enough that it's unobtrusive and gentle on expensive but pathetically durable suit slacks (not clipped, just front pocket bottom). It's my second, having very sadly lost one in a move like 7 years ago. Didn't even know they were still in production but when I saw it on GovX I bought it as fast as my fat little fingers could point and click and now we're reunited and it feels so good.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Benchmade - 940 Knife

Best bottle ever!

When it's 115+ outside there's one thing you don't have to be worried about. Your drink being hot. This bottle will seriously keep your drink cold or hot all day long and longer. I didn't believe it till I tried it. I'll never need another bottle.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 40oz Bottle

Comes in handy for sure.

This power pack helped me keep my laptop going and the rest of my electronics going. It has any connector that you could possibly ever need including car jump starter. Flash light has a good bright beam also you can toggle through intermittent flashes in two speeds.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: NeverDed - Maxx with Case and Accessories

Holds up to a punch.

My hubby ran with these in rain, got a huge puddle splashed on him and his gear, and all they had to do is dry off for a day to work at 100% again. He loves them. The fit, the sound, and the durability. Nuf said.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Skullcandy - Chops In Ear Headphones

Finally good laces

I've gone through a number of laces in a few pairs of boots, After going through a few sets of laces in my favorite boots I decided to pick up these. Excellent choice, They're durable and haven't frayed in the slightest. I'll be buying more when I pick up new boots.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Rhino Laces - Coyote Tan

Outstanding watch.

Entering my 16th year of EMS I have worn many watches and destroyed as many. This watch is superior in design and rugged toughness. Spending most of my shift on the streets in and around the City of Denver outside in the sun, it only makes sense to have a solar powered watch. This watch will last and endure the dynamic environment of Emergency Services. It's comfortable and easy to use. Absorbs the impacts of daily wear in and around the apparatus and the numerous scenes we respond to. I recommend this watch to those looking for functionality, ruggedness, adaptability, and appearance.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Casio - G-Shock - Solar Atomic Watch

Best Father's Day gift ever!

My husband and I are huge Hydro Flask fans. When I saw this on the site a few weeks ago I knew it had my husband's name all over it. I ordered it and it got here just in time for Father's Day. He loves it! I don't think I've seen him use a different glass yet. We tested the beer temp with me drinking out of a regular glass and him out of his new True Pint glass. When get got to the bottom of our drinks, mine was nasty room temp beer. His was still fresh out of the fridge cold! Definitely going to be buying more! They need whiskey and shot glasses!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 16oz True Pint - Insulated Beer Pint

Definition of tough.

This case puts all other "tough cases" to shame!! I am tough on cases, I dropped mine in a pig pen and the pigs were chewing on it unknown to me. I later realized what happened and wiped it down with Clorox wipes, and it was as good as new!!! Hog's jaws are tough and so is this case.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Lunatik - Taktik Extreme iPhone 5/5s Case

Awesome little guy!

Got this thing for when I am just chillin on my deployments to all the different sand boxes! Excellent battery life, used it quite a few times and haven't had to charge it yet! I am sure when I go home on R&R I will test its water resistance but I am sure it will not disappoint. Definitely worth a shot...see what I did there? Buckshot!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Outdoor Tech - Buckshot Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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