Love this watch!

Ever since I bought this watch I have been wearing it. Everyone notices it (for the size), but then they see the EGA and Marines on the face, and they know why I bought it. Lots of compliments! I even had one friend, who is a watch enthusiast, tell me it looks like a Bell+Ross watch. Not bad!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Wrist Armor - U.S. Marine Corps WA142 Watch

Best Hydration Carrier!

The features and durability of this carrier are awesome. I used it during several weeks of military training and it held up fine. It was squashed in a heavy rucksack (>70lbs), dropped on the ground, dragged around, etc and I never had any leaks or holes. The standard Camelbaks always seem to leak on me during these type of training but this carrier was awesome!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: GEIGERRIG - Tactical RIG 700 Hydration Pack


This blade came out of the box perfect. It's razor sharp too. I'm a police officer and have lost several folders over the years so this high visibility yellow is a change. I also went with the H20 because I'm not one to put a lot of maintenance in a pocket knife. The clip is very tight so I'm not worried about slipping it out of my pocket while on duty. And in the event I did, the yellow is very bright.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Benchmade - 111 H2O Folder

Great buy, order one size larger.

Great shirt. Great price. Love it for the gym and for casual wear. It is true that it fits tight if you have some bulk in your upper body. I normally wear an XL size T-shirt, but I had to move up to XXL for this shirt. For casual wear I don't want to be 'tight shirt guy'.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: HYLETE - Camo Tri-Blend Crew Tee

Best boots I've owned.

By far the best boots that I've ever owned. I would recommend this to any operator. I prefer these over nearly a dozen boots that I've owned and used in my lifetime.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: LALO Tactical - SHADOW Amphibian Boot


Super amazing product! I carry it around with me everywhere! Not to mention, the flash light has bailed me out here and there, especially when I'm looking for something.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Stat Gear - T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool


Got this for a five-day conference and it fit everything and then some! Five days worth of dress clothes and shoes, as well as casual stuff for three days. I can't wait to use it as my gym bag. It held up really well traveling via airline too.


Excellent purchase

This bike was so heavily discounted, arrived in only eight days, and was $700 less then retail. I've already had three people ask to buy it from me. It rides like a dream, snappy responsive handling, efficient and comfortable. Thx Govx.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Diamondback - Interval Carbon Bike

Great buy for medical first responders

These pants are great. They have a ton of storage space, and pockets. The material they are made of is very comfortable, and helps you stay cool on hot calls. I have even had to wear them under bunker gear at a house fire, and they performed exceptionally. I would definitely recommend these to anyone in the emergency medical/ first responder field.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Propper - Critical Response EMS Pant

Grandma Stole Mine!

When I saw on GovX that Hydro Flask made a Beer Pint I had to check it out. The wife and I have the larger bottles and love them. I purchased two and because I’m deployed, I sent them to the house. The wife was very surprised because she wasn’t expecting them and she didn’t even know these things existed! After about a week of owning them, she says it’s the only “cup” she now uses. She also said that the kids go after her “new cup” because they know that her water will still be ice cold, no matter what time of the day it is! Her grandma happened to be in town when the pints arrived, and she has been using the other one… mine. I found out yesterday that ‘ol Grams loves the thing so much that she is taking MY True Pint home with her… it’s kind of hard to tell her grandmother she can’t have it… and I’m not there to stop her! O well, I guess she deserves it, I did steal her granddaughter!!

Best Pint Glass

I have become a huge huge fan of Hydro Flask. The True Pint glass is the best product for anyone who loves a cold beverage. I bought one for me and one for my wife and I venture to guess we will buy more for friends and family. Great product!!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 16oz True Pint - Insulated Beer Pint

Lives up to the hype.

This is the most accurately advertised product I have purchased in a long time. The ability to finally hear what I am listening to, be it a phone call or music, has made me realize how much I have been missing. This sound rivals the pureness and isolation of any luxury cars audio, and equals any recording booth I have set foot in. Not to mention the impressive packaging and nod to my brothers and sisters in arms.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Beats by Dr. Dre - Studio 2.0 Over Ear Headphones - Exclusive Military Edition

Great for my iPhone 6

This is great not only for the handlebars but fits the stems and top tubes of my bikes. It works very well even with a LifeProof case on the phone. Perfect for using cycling apps. I think it's a must have. The price is great, less than at the local shops.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Nite Ize - HandleBand

Best bang for buck.

Love this bike. I have been thrashing it through the streets of NYC and am left overly happy. Stable frame, disc brakes, and the 1x9 drive train gives me any gear I could need. The only negative is that it took a beating in the mail and I had to replace a bent brake disk and make a $60 repair before even riding it. But now it's fixed, tuned, and tweaked. Great bike.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Diamondback - Haanjo Metro Bike

The older I get …

The older I get, the faster/better/etc I was. I'll preface this subjective review with that, to hopefully give the reader some perspective.

I hit the mid-forties and can no longer easily see the day/date field on my 38MM Eco Drives. I wore a titanium version on duty for nearly a decade. When I needed a new watch, I was surprised by the Ginormowatchasaurzilla trend in everyone's offerings. After looking around a bit, I noticed I could read a 42 - 46MM watch much easier.

Enter the Gamma Ti. I stumbled upon Reactor searching for something without standard spring bar connectors for the band. I narrowed the field to the Gamma and Trident. I chose the Gamma, after watching and reading reviews, for the easy to read dial. I went with titanium (black dial, titanium bracelet) because I don't want a brick on my wrist. I've worn the watch since it arrived, and put it through its paces. It's been shooting, to work, social jaunts, fishing, weightlifting, and jogging. Oh yeah, and flying around the world in my private jet. Here goes.


  • -Lume is just spectacular. While night fishing, I could see what time it was without having to choose between setting a beer or a pole down to grab a flashlight to read the watch
  • -Large, easy to read dial for presbyopic eyeballs
  • -Day/Date fairly easy to read; much more so than the Trident
  • -Different yet attractive styling, without being "I want to be 23 again" blingy
  • -Time lapse bezel very easy to turn and read
  • -Lightweight, for such a large case*
  • -Miyota movement. Worn them for years, they just go and go and take a beating. If they die for some weird reason, which is usually early in the product lifecycle, swap it out. Not the time for mechanical vs quartz debate:)
  • -Threaded bars instead of spring bar interface at case lugs
  • *see CONS


  • -While lightweight, the thing feels top heavy* especially when running. I tightened the band a little more than I usually do to stop the watch from sliding around on my wrist while running. Maybe GirlfriendClaus will get me another one with a rubber strap for Christmas?! .
  • -Since the case is thicker than what I'm used to, I tend to bash it into things.*
  • * Maybe I just need some time to get used to it

Overall a great watch. Word on the 'net is Reactor really stand behind their product. Thanks for reading.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Reactor Watches - Gamma Titanium Watch

Great addition

This is the 4th bottle I have purchased from Hydroflask and I love it. Where I work I don't have lots of access to water and no ac so some ice cold water when it's hot out is greatly welcomed

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

DPX blades, because you're worth it.

Got this blade after buying my nephew the DPX H.E.S.T. 6 Milspec for his Army BCT graduation. I own Benchmade, SOG (and at least 15 other brands). These are by far the best quality knives I have purchased. If you have doubt about spending over $100 on a four inch blade, let it go. This blade is worth every bit of the full retail. It's a steal on here.


Covert Vest

Excellent vest to wear for travel or on the go. Keep you warm and dry. Does a great job and when fully zipped up, keeps the cold/wind off your neck. Also with the R & L chest pockets, they're big enough to store your cell phone, wallet or heavy duty pocket knife.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Covert Vest

Awesome sunglasses.

I don't care for a lot of the very expensive name brand glasses like Oakley. I also wanted a pair that I could wear while riding my Harley and not look like a complete goofball when not on the bike. These are my new brand of choice.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hoven Sunglasses - Highway Polarized

Beautiful watch!

This thing is massive! I've been getting nothing but compliments with this watch. I'm so happy with it, that I went back and ordered a second one. Once you wear it, you don't want to go back to a regular size watch. Thanks GovX!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Vestal - Final Sale - ZR-3 Watch

Great Laces

Regular boot laces take just a couple weeks to start to fray and a month or so to break. I've had these for a couple months and they haven't even begun to show any wear. Highly recommend. In a couple more months, they'll have paid for themselves.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Rhino Laces - Foliage Green

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