SAVING LIVES: Marc Barry’s Officer Survival Solutions

SAVING LIVES: Marc Barry’s Officer Survival Solutions

Marc Barry is a retired Las Vegas police officer with a mission to save lives. Through affordable, certified, life-saving protective gear, Officer Survival Solutions is a fast-growing Carlsbad, CA company offering a measured and effective response to the threat posed by increasingly well-armed suspects.

I created Officer Survival Solutions in 2009 after my friend and former partner was shot and killed in the line of duty. He laid in the suspect’s driveway and bled to death. Secondary and all other backup officers arriving were immediately pinned down by AK-47 rounds by the hundreds.

At that time, a trauma kit or a gunshot survival pack was basically unheard of. After this incident, I knew I could not let officers continue to bleed to death needlessly.

I did some overseas contract work for the State Department, and while deployed we were involved in gunfights all the time. I watched some of the Navy corpsmen treat gunshot wounds systematically and quickly, using some gear that was designed specifically to stop bleeding. It worked flawlessly. My first thought was, “Holy shit, why don’t we have this stuff available to us as police officers?” So within 24 hours of my return to the States, I created what would become the OSS Patrol Pocket Pack.

As uniformed police officers, the problem we faced was that we didn’t have the real estate on our duty belts to carry a big 8-inch trauma kit, and we couldn’t carry a leg rig if we were in a typical patrol assignment. So after a lengthy research period I put together the three most critical items to treat penetrating arterial wounds. I condensed the contents and added some other items that would also aid in treatment, and I managed to create a kit small enough to fit in the shirt pocket of any law enforcement officer assigned to a patrol division, or wearing a standard duty uniform. This now made it feasible for all such individuals to carry a kit on their person, not locked away in a patrol vehicle out of reach when you or someone else needs it most.

With the launch of both kits in 2009, OSS also trained departments and their officers for free. There’s absolutely no use for a trauma kit if the officers knows nothing about how to use it. After the first round of sales and training, I received a text about a week later from a Chief Chris Howell in St. Croix:

“Marc, my partner and I were both shot last night, my arm was blown apart but I’m alive! OSS saved my life. Thanks, brother!”

I received a text one night: “Marc, my partner and I were both shot last night. OSS saved my life. Thanks, brother!”

My friend was ambushed and shot twice with an AK-47 and the kit he carried on him ended up saving his life. He accompanied his text with some images of his injuries, all of which he managed to send while being wheeled to the OR. The suspects had laid in wait as Howell and his partner Officer Jones rounded a corner. They survived their injuries in part to our OSS Patrol Packs.

OSS was created out of the immediate and desperate need for these kits to be available for all officers no matter their assignment or budget. Unfortunately, at that time, most officers were forced to buy the kits out of their own pocket. So if there was anything in my power to help a brother or sister office from falling victim, well, dammit I was going to make it happen. This thought process continues today with EVERYTHING we offer, no matter if its kits or body armor.

OSS packs are finding their way onto officers’ uniforms nationwide.
Read about OSS making a difference and saving an officer’s life in Texas.

We are “by cops, for cops” and we exist solely to save lives, not make a million dollars doing it. Our lifesaving critical kits and armor are the cheapest in the nation because of this, and they’ve been used in the field to save officers and citizens. To date, we’ve saved 15 police officers with our trauma kits. The most recent is Tim Bell, the local SDPD officer who was shot multiple times. Two of our kits were deployed by secondary officers and applied to his wounds. He ultimately survived his injuries because of the fast-acting backup officers and our critical trauma kits they were able to carry on their person.

Currently, our kits are being used in the field by thousands of police departments and law enforcement agencies worldwide.


We are "by cops, for cops" and we exist solely to save lives, not make a million dollars doing it.

With the trend in police officers having to buy their own body armor, OSS has invested a significant amount of time, energy, and costs to obtain our own line of armor at a cost officers can afford. Too often armor companies mark up their armor’s price to the point where it’s well outside of an officer’s budget. This defeats the whole purpose of selling body armor. As I said before, we’re not in this game to be millionaires, we’re in it to save lives. If the officers can’t afford the gear they need, it’s just going to sit and collect dust in a warehouse somewhere. It won’t save a life if it’s sitting on a shelf. So, with our concept of “by cops, for cops,” we launched our complete line of NIJ Certified armor plates and helmets at a price far below the normal market. With our NIJ CPL listing for OSS armor plates, we’ve become one of the fasted growing armor companies in the country. Officers and agents can now get the much-needed certified armor to remain safe and keep the upper hand on increasingly well-equipped suspects.

There have been a few skeptics about the pricing and legitimacy of our gear. To them, I’ll say all you’ve gotta do is a little reading about who we are and the lives we’ve saved. Our kits are out there and actively saving lives in the field. It’s been documented in stories, articles, and media. And as for the price: We’re cheap for a reason. If we can save a brother or sister officer from experiencing that loss or falling victim themselves, we’re going to make it happen. And the way you do that is with affordable gear.

To this day, we’re losing a police officer every 56 hours. Too many times these victims are bleeding to death. OSS is dedicating to making sure this stops, and we’re going to have a direct and immediate impact on these sickening statistics.


“The number one cause of death for police officers is ‘bleeding out’ after a shooting while waiting for medical personal to arrive on the scene, these Patrol Pocket Trauma Packs created by Officer Survival Solutions will allow an officer to stop his or her own bleeding or the bleeding of another officer. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you are bleeding in the bushes and your trauma pack is in your car. The OSS Patrol Pocket Pack kits are game changers! I never thought I would be using it on myself, but I did! On the night of August 18th 2012, I was shot twice along with my partner. We were left bleeding to death, an OSS Pack saved my life!”

Christopher Howell
Chief of Police, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands

“On the morning of January 29, 2013, I issued your Trauma Plate Packs to every officer in my agency. Little did I know, hours later I would be using one to render aid to a downed officer, who had been shot three times. The OSS Trauma Plate Pack enabled me to immediately render aid to the officer. I found some comfort during a very stressful and hectic moment, knowing I had the ability to help. I wanted to thank you for your commitment to officer survival. It is my sincere believe every officer should be issued this life saving equipment.”

Lieutenant Terry Stayer
Haltom City Police Department

“The proper use of these OSS Patrol Pocket Packs can determine if you live or die! The critical items contained within these packs are proven 100% effective at stopping severe blood loss.”

Dr. Carmine Hendricks
Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital

“Our officer was in a canyon culvert when he was shot and most of us were away from our cars and trying to get down to him. I had your kit on me in my trauma pouch and we were able to use it to stem the most serious bleeding (a through and through to the upper arm). We scooped him and drove him straight to Mercy. I want to thank you for putting together rsuch a great product. I’ll be buying another one today.”

Sergeant Adam Sharkey
San Diego Police Department

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